The Cambridge Caprices (in preparation)

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The Cambridge Caprices

On the 1st March 2013, I began a new project with a group of composers and musicians gathered at the Music Faculty of Cambridge University.  This is linked to my collaboration with Jeremy Thurlow on his ‘Ouija’ for solo violin.

1 3 2013. Jeremy Thurlow and Peter Sheppard Skaerved, presenting Thurlow’s wonderful haunted ‘Ouija’. in twonderful Chapel space at Robinson College, Cambridge











On the 14th March, I returned to Cambridge with Paul Osterfield, who led a wonderful workshop with the composers, exploring the works which the composers are producing, with the help of Jeremy Thurlow and Ian Watts.

PSS with composers Ian Watts, Jeremy Thurlow and Paul Osterfield. St John’s College Cambridge, 15th March 2013

3rd March 2013:Already, the composers have started to produce material. Two days after the workshop, the first pieces and sketches start to arrive (3 3 2013). Here’s a glimpse of one of them, Innigkeit by William Cole. For me, there is no greater privilege than getting close to composers’ working processes-so it is fantastic to see these emerge, and to get my first clues from the involuntary expressiveness of the ‘composer’s hand’.

After the excitement of the workshop, we took the prokect over to the victorian splendour of the Divinity School at St Johns College, and alternated the new works with some of Paul Osterfield’s marvellous ’24 Caprices’

William Cole-‘Innigkeit’ (Live at the Divinity School, Cambridge) 15th March 2013

A section of William Cole’s ‘Innigkeit’ -using the convenient two stave notation-on the cello it’s used for playing music at extreme polarity of pitch, on the violin, the complete opposite-clarifying lines which are extremely interwoven

Gregor Forbes-(Untitled) for Violin and Live Electronics (Live at the Divinity School, Cambridge) 15th March 2013