Week in March

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A week of inspiration, and the story of a day: 

March 2nd Perth

Rehearsing Faure Piano Trio, with Roy Howat and Neil Heyde. Perth Concert Hall.  2 3 2013

March 1st 2013

..the story of a day. To begin, meeting with the team at the British Museum to bring the next stage of our collaboration to light LINK TO BRITISH MUSEUM PROJECT

British Musem-Gallery 33 with Mihailo Trandafilovski (Playing Nigel Clarke, Dafina Zeqiri, Yigit Kolat, Shen Yi, Bartok, Scelsi, Evis Sammoutis, Tartini, Michael Hersch, and Trandafilovski!)

Stage 2- Talking about (D Sharp Minor Prelude and Fugue-played by Stephen Hung-not pictured) with Neil Heyde, Daniel Ben Pienaar, Roderick Chadwick, Sarah Callis, and Mmus Students at RAM-now en route to the Music Faculty at Cambridge to work with young composers.

Coaching Mmus Performance Workshop at the RAM 1st March 2013, with Neil Heyde, Roderick Chadwick, Daniel Ben Pienarr, Sarah Callis

 Stage 3-The end of a great day. On stage at Robinson College to play Paganini, Bull, Lars Bagger, Joachim and Jeremy Thurlow’s wonderful ‘Ouija’, after an afternoon working with 10 young composers and teaching Bach (G Minor Solo Sonata). No en route for Perth-where I will meet up with Roy Howat and Neil Heyde to play Faure.

On stage at Robinson College, 1st March 2013

February 27th-Final Day of Recording Anton Reicha’s wonderful Op 48 Quartets

Outtakes! Here’s just a hint at the fun we are having with this music.

A day of inspiration. 6th Feburary 2013. Recording Reicha Quartets Op 48 with the Kreutzers (Left to right-PSS{Stradivari 1698 ‘Joachim’, Morgan Goff {Daniel Parker-1715], Neil Heyde {Vuillaume 1844}, Mihailo Trandafilovski {Stradivari 1698’Kustendyke’}) Engineer-Jonathan Haskell

Anton Reicha-Quartet Op 48 No 1 (C Major Quartet) Allegro moderatoAdagioMenuettoPresto

MIhailo, enraptured by Reicha and the Kustendyke ‘Strad’

Anton Reicha-Quartet Op 48 No 2 (G Major Quartet)AllegroMenuetto Allegretto-Allegro Vivace-Allegretto

Anton Reicha-Quartet Op 48 No 3 (E Flat Major Quartet)Allegro ModeratoAdagioMenuettoFuga (Allegro Vivace)