Scotland 2-3rd March 2013

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Approaching the Tay. 9 am 3rd March


River Almond near Perth. Rehearsing under a Old Red Sandstone cliff face









Aberdour 3 3 2013





Lindisfarne 3 3 2013…the original name, pointing out that the island was a stopping point for travellers (‘Farer)coming from the ancient Northubrian Kingdom of Lindis(which itself refers to vistors from Lincoln), predates the founding of the monastery there in the mid 600’s by St Cuthbert. I suspect that the moniker Holy followed on from the fact, that when the Vikings arrived to make a rumpus in 793, the monks took the bones of another saint, Cuthbert to be reburied on the fortified redoubt where Durham Cathedral now stands. I suspect that the air of sanctity is much to do with that event. Ironically, my train is pulling into Durham as I write this. Best view of a church from a train ever….


morning train 2nd March 2013