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Peter Sheppard Skaerved introduces the characters and themes behind this ground-breaking exhibition.

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Samuel Cartwright & Niccolo Paganini




Less than dignified for a grandee-Samuel Cartwright moves into position




Angelica Catalani

Leigh Hunt




James Henry Leigh Hunt by Thomas Charles Wageman




Charles Burney




Frances d’Arblay (‘Fanny Burney’),by Edward Francisco Burney




Maria Cosway & Jefferson




Maria Cosway by Julien Fatou, after Richard Cosway




T S Eliot & Patrick Heron Pictures waiting to be hung. 6th April-Heron's 'Eliot' in the centre

Landseer & Niccolo Paganini




Paganini, an extraordinary depiction by Edwin Landseer, 1832. Image courtesy of the Royal Academy of Music.




Brunel & Mendelssohn




Brunel by John Callcott Horsley, oil on canvas, 1857




Charles Mathews & Eliza Vestris 



Juggling Landseer, Leigh Hunt and Vestris



Leighton, Watts, & Joachim



Joachim and HG Wells wait their turn