Metier Discs of Peter Sheppard Skaerved

Posted on November 18th, 2011 by

METIER is an extraordinary company, and I am proud of my association with  them. To buy my discs direct from the company-which is the easiest way, here are the links:

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Beethoven Explored Volume 1

Beethoven Explored Volume 2

Beethoven Explored Volume 3

Beethoven Explored Volume 4

Nigel Clarke-Premonitions

David Gorton-Trajectories

George Rochberg-Caprice Variations and Sonata

Henze, Matthews, Hakim-Etude Philharmonique

Rawsthorne, McCabe-Works for Violin

Sadie Harrison-Quartets and works for Violin

Sadie Harrison-The Light Garden

Quartets by Saxton, McCabe, Weir

New works for Oboe and Quartet

Michael Finnissy-Quartets

Catalan works for Quartet

Roberto Gerhard Quartets

Rochberg and Schwartz Quartets

Maxwell Davies quartets