Sadie Harrison-Violin Duos

Posted on October 9th, 2011 by

My son, Marius, has begun studying Sadie’s wonderful violin duos. Here is his response to day one, working on ‘Tourmeline’

Tourmaline (for two violins):A Tourmaline is a type of precious stone, which is often called the “Rainbow Gemstone.”  This is due to its magnificent display of colouring.    It is referred to in Egyptian legend as the rock, which travelled away from Earths heat and toward the sun, to get there it travelled on a rainbow.  Collecting each colour as it continued on its way to the sun.  The general chemical formula for the tourmaline stone family is XY3Z6 (T6O18) 3V3W.  I believe that the composer of this piece was inspired by the rock itself.  After practising the piece and observing some images of the rock you can definitely hear that she had seen one before.  In sound the composer was able to reproduce a perfect replica of the shapes and colours of this spectacular mineral.  I believe that she probably observed the mineral in its uncut form.  Beautiful, raw and sharp, with large structures strutting out of a single rock.  Very much like our cities today.  And the softness of her piece comes from the colours of the rock.  When you look at a piece of Tourmaline the listener can most definitely tell where she got her inspiration.


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