Campaganoli-L’ art d’inventer à l’improviste

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Bartolomeo Campagnoli (September 10, 1751 – November 6, 1827)-L’ art d’inventer à l’improviste des fantaisies et cadences pour le violon: formant un recueil des 246 pièces amusantes et utiles en tous les tons. Op.12 (Leipzig 1812)

This wonderful collection has been an inspiration to me for years. I will gradually record and upload its fantasies and capricci. (NB- workshop recordings) This collection of Fantasias, pedal points and cadenzas appeared just at the moment that it seemed the that inprovising tradition was in danger of disappearing. It seems to have been published in 1812, but, of course, represents a gathering of skills and techniques from a number of years before.

Gerhard von Breunig noted that Beethoven had joint violin lessons with his father, Stepan, with Franz Ries. The Etudes that they used were Campagnoli’s Capricci.

 Nos 1-4: Fantasie C dur ‘Poco Adagio e sempre sostenuto’  

No 160: Fantasie Es moll ‘Andante Sostenuto’

Bartolomeo Campagnoli