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Brunel by John Callcott Horsley, oil on canvas, 1857

More on Brunel and the Mendelssohns (lot  more)

Wapping Tunnel

Turner’s ‘Rain Steam and Speed’ 1844. Crossing Brunels’ bridge at Maidenhead

Pistrucci’s bust of Samuel Cartwright, dentist to Paganini, Brunel, Malibran and many more

Thoughts on dentists and musicians

Landseer depicts Paganini astonishing a London audience in 1832

by Alfred Edward Chalon, pen and ink, 1814

Paganini’s annotations of Angelica Catalani’s rendition of part of Pierre Rode’s ‘Air Varie’ (1820) PSS violin

Thoughts on Catalani, the Great Exhibition, and ‘The Singing Mouse’. And dreadful behaviour by Byron

Pierre Rode by Henri Grevedon

The lost portrait of ‘Amico’ – Viotti, by his life-long friend Elizabeth Vigee-le Brun


Emma Hart (Hamilton) in Naples-“This drawing was made by Madame le-Brun, (1790) with a piece of charcoal from the kitchen, on a door of a room at the Casino of Sir William Hamilton…and removed on orders of the Chevalier who was eager to own and conserve this piece by this lovable and sublime artist.”

Lord Nelson-‘Though Shot and Shell’. A treasured gift from Ralph Holmes

Joseph Haydn

April 19th 2011. Garten Friedhof, Hannover. The resting place of the great comet chaser, Caroline Herschel, and Charlotte Kestner, Goethe’s orginal ‘Lotte’. Photo. J-P Schulze

Maria Cosway by Julien Fatou, after Richard Cosway

9th June-Working on Elliott Schwartz’s ‘The Garden’, from his Concerto: ‘Mr Jefferson’, with Jefferson’s garden records and designs

Emma Hamilton by Richard Cosway, pencil and watercolour, circa 1801

Frances d’Arblay (‘Fanny Burney’),by Edward Francisco Burney

Thoughts on Charles  Burney and Meetings and Seekings (Tartini and more)

Geo. Dance the Younger – Giuseppe Tartini ca. 1764

Composer Michael Alec Rose with Dr Johnson (Courtesy of Reynolds!) and Neil Heyde’s head-concert at NPG ‘Only Connect’

Fanny Hensel 1842- by Moritz Daniel Oppenheim

Fanny Hensel – Adagio (Peter Sheppard Skaerved with Aaron Shorr – live performance)

H C Andersen, who met Bull many times, but disapproved of his gambling

T S Eliot, by Patrick Heron

PSS with Sir Michael Tippett 1995

Wenzel Tornøe (detail) ‘Beethoven spiller for den blinde pige’


NPG 6326,Edward Morgan Forster,by Feliks Topolski

Benjamin Britten by Sarah Fanny Hockey,drawing,circa 1920

Howard Skempton performing in the Sculpture Garden of Barbara Hepworth’s Trewyn Studio. May 2003

by Dame Barbara Hepworth, self portrait 1950

St Ives Summer 2003

Priaulx Rainier by Malcolm Lawson

Looking at Ben Nicholson in the Courtauld Institute

Opening and dedication of  Beethoven’s Sonata orginally dedicated to G A P Bridgetower


Nick and Marius at the Brighton Pavilion,