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The wonderful frontispiece to ‘Preludes or Vollentaries’

Two views of the City of London, before and after the Great Fire, in my notebook

The full list of contents

Thomas Baltzar – 1630-1660

My much-loved copy of Nicola Matteis’ C minor Prelude (published London 1700)?

17th century upholstery, London

1682 Sword Rest. St Mary Aldemary (Wren) City of London. 1 3 17


Cabinet. French 17th Century

Mezzo-tint of Kneller's lost painting of Nicola Cosimi

Cosimi was one of the first Italian virtuosi to play and export the violins by the English maker, Robert Cuthbert, which is likely what is depicted here

  1. Nicola Matteis by Godfrey_Kneller (best known for his portraits of Pepys and Newton)


  1. Josefo Torelli


Ambrogio Lonati


  1. 17th Century Font. St Margaret Pattens Eastcheap 31 1 17

  1. Carved Violin (Gibbons?) ca 1676. St Botolph Aldgate 9 1 17