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Ole Bull’s Amati, back in Bergen. The view from my practice desk 26 5 15

Targjei Augundsson (1801 – November 21, 1872)-‘Myllarguten’

Ole Bull, in the 1860s (Carte-de-viste). Holding a Grand pattern Amati, which may be the ‘Pearl’

Looking South from the Vidder, 5pm 31 5 16

Spring at Lysoen. 17 04 2013

Johan Halvorsen, with a Hardanger violin

On the practice desk. Anders Heyerdahl’s ‘Norsek Danse og Slalatter, optegened efter gamle Spillemaend fra 1856 til 1861’

On stage with Roderick Chadwick and Michael Finnissy. Bergen Festival 2013

Night at Lysebu. 24 1 15


With Composer John MCabe-Burgh House, 2006-See Event Friday February 18th (bottom of post)

Bull’s version of ‘Arkansas Traveller’