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Audio of discussion with Nigel Clarke.


Playlist of works by Nigel Clarke, premiered by Peter Sheppard Skaerved:

rehearsing ‘Parnassus’ Gulbenkian Theatre, Canterbury 1987 Left to right PSS, Phil Dukes, Clio Gould, Jeremy Morris, Rebecca Platt, Kate Skinner, Stephen Morris, Fiona Bonds, Sue Knight, Jenny Prestana, Philip Sheppard, Martin Storey, Cecelia Bruggemeyer

Manuscript of Nigel Clarke’s ‘Loulan’

Composer. violinists. Nigel Clarke, Julia Pusker, Preetha Narayan

My drawings and notations of a wild night in Urumqi, which led to ‘Loulan’

Two composers: Nigel Clarke and Joerg Widmann. 2001

Part of my working part for ‘Pernambuco’. I am the bane of Nigel’s life. He prepares beautiful materials, and I scrawl all over them. The brackets around the double-stopped harmonic-plus ‘like a sigh’ is legacy of conversations the composer and I have had about this. For the third recording that I made of this work, in 2007, we removed the figure. I confess that I have let it creep back. I have performed this piece upwards of 300 times.

The Miraculous Violin-Premiere in Zagreb (with The Zagren Soloists 2000)

Nigel and Peter in conservation in the Grand Shaft, Dover 2013

Working it out. Work on Nigel Clarke’s ‘The Miraculous Violin’ – Woolwich Barracks

Composers Nigel Clarke & Michael Alec Rose exploring the geology and fauna of Flat Rock Cedar Glade and Barrens. TN 10th April 2011

Nigel Clarke and composer Mihailo Trandafilovski, in Notre Dame au Sablon, Brussels. 23 2 15

Tuesday April 12th. Nigel Clarke’s ‘Black Fire’ under Reed Thomas – Murfreesboro Tennessee

Conversation with Nigel Clarke and Milton

With Nigel Clarke. Gobi Desert. Xinjiang, China. 2002

The orginal score and parts for ‘Parnassus'(1986)

Performing Nigel Clarke’s ‘Pernambuco’ taken on Friday night at Logen Theatre Bergen, by Anders Helgerud.

Aaron Shorr, Nigel Clarke, Sidika Ozdil discussing George Crumb and Nigel Clarke’s ‘Miraculous Violin’ at the same time! Ankara 2003.