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This, as ever, is just a rattlebag of material, visual and aural, which you might find useful for the session on Thursday. This is a very personal area for me, so I make no apology for that!

Here’s the audio of my plain text for the session:

On the practice desk. Anders Heyerdahl’s ‘Norsk Danse og Slalatter, optegened efter gamle Spillemaend fra 1856 til 1861’

The 9 year old Carl Nielsen’s Polka. This did not please his father….


Ede Telmanyi


25th March 2012. Statue of Halvorsen outside the National Theatre Oslo. On my way to play a recital at the Norwegian Music Academy; so, coals to Newcastle notwithstanding, I played Larsen’s Halling as an encore.

Targjei Augundsson (1801 – November 21, 1872)-‘Myllarguten’

With Ole Bull’s Hardanger violin., St Paul Minnesota 2017


Composten – Grieg’s composing hut at Troldhaugen, his home near Bergen, ‘In truth, a harsh sounding name for an artist’s lair’ Edvard Grieg


Nielsen playing chamber music with Julius Röntgen


Coffe on Langelinie, Copenhagen. 28-4-2005

Coffee on Langelinie, Copenhagen. 28-4-2005

The Nielsen Patent mutes

Spring on Fyn, Nielsen’s birthplace