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Modelling Collaboration: past and present

Audio of the talk

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Samuel Dushkin and Igor Stravinsky 1931


Peter Sheppard Skærved has collaborated closely with many great composers of our time – Hans Werner Henze, Poul Ruders, Jörg Widmann, Judith Weir, David Matthews, George Rochberg and Gloria Coates are just a selection of the composers who have written for him. In this first salon he explores some of the historic collaborations that inspire him; his teacher, Louis Krasner, working with Alban Berg and Schoenberg, Jelly d’Aranyi with Bartok, Ravel and Vaughan Williams, Joseph Joachim and Brahms, and to begin, Franz Schubert with his brother Ferdinand. He believes that our work with living composers can illuminate our understanding of the partnerships in the past, and those should inspire our present-day collaborations.

With John MCabe

Book here:

Louis Krasner at NEC Boston. Photo: PSS

Adila Fachiri and Ethel Hobday play Debussy (1925)

Peter Sheppard Skaerved plays Hans Werner Henze. A playlist

Peter with Henze. September 1989 (two weeks after this work was written)

Garrick and Jelly d’Aranyi arrive! Preparations for Peter’s ‘Only Connect’ Exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery 2011


Peter Sheppard Skaerved plays Joseph Joachim

The young Joachim

Widmann – mid workshops sketch/fax 1995

Kreutzer Quartet plays Brahms Op 67

Johannnes Brahms-B Flat Major Quartet Op 67 (1875) Live Recording (1st Movement)

Poul Ruders – ‘Bel Canto’

The Kreutzer Quartet (leader PSS) plays Judith Weir

Montepulciano Summer 1990

Playlist: Peter plays David Matthews

My analysis of David Matthews’ ‘birthday piece’ for Richard Bram

Peter, with Aaron Shorr, plays Bartok (dedicated to Jelly D’Aranyi in Kosovo)

Schubert- Violin Concerto for Ferdinand (1st Movement)

Peter Sheppard Skaerved plays George Rochberg

George Rochberg with Marius Sheppard Skaerved. Newton Sq. , PA, 2001

Peter Shepppard Skaerved plays Gloria Coates Concerti, Quartets, Solo Works

Gloria Coates at Home in Munich. 9 3 17

PSS plays Widmann

WIth Widmann in Breitenbrunn, Bayern. 1993 (Photo: Bernd Noelle)

A favourite letter from Henze, on my desk. 2 4 17

The composer’s desk. Edward Cowie’s workspace, Cumbria 2019

With composer David Lancaster, workshopping at the National Centre of Early Music, York(Photo-Chris Leedham)

The workshop in London and Georgia. Working with Evis Sammoutis, on his Nikosia Etudes-preparing for Bergen International Festival and then more . April 21 2016

Shadows and staves. Workshop in progress, on Michael Alec Rose’s ‘Cararra Blocks’ with Ramakrishnan Kumaran

Workshop with Kreutzer Quartet, Michael Finnissy and Southampton University Composers. Turner Sims Concert Hall 7 3 16

End of the morning colour workshop-with reference to Widmann, Sadie Harrison, Nigel Clarke (Nigel, look closely at the stand), Henze, Glass, Sculthorpe, Lachenmann..24 1 15

End of the morning colour workshop-with reference to Widmann, Sadie Harrison, Nigel Clarke (Nigel, look closely at the stand), Henze, Glass, Sculthorpe, Lachenmann. Oslo. 24 1 15

Sketch by Paul Pellay for Book 6 of the cycle ‘Con(di)vergences’

Amy Senkrah with Liszt

Colour Workshop: Marco Gallery, Monterrey, Mexico. 2005

Bela Bartok to Yehudi Menuhin, 1944. Foyle/Menuhin Archive. RAM 27 10 15

Elgar’s hidden personal dedication to Menuhin ‘Adumbration, Admiration’ 1933 in the score of the Violin concerto

Bartok (at the piano) rehearsing his ‘Contrasts’ with Szigeti and Benny Goodman in New York.

Peter with the Zagreb Soloists. Dubrovnik 2002