Pictures from the archives – musical life before the turn of the millenium!

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Parnassus Ensemble mid rehearsal. Haddington 1987. L to R: Clio Gould, Jeremy Morris, Steve Morris, Mark Theaker, Jenny Prestana, Cecelia Bruggemeyer, Philip Sheppard
More from the past with the morning coffee, delaying actual work. Well, there’s no question what’s being rehearsed here. The whiplash pizzicatos of Nigel Clarke’s eponymous ‘Parnassus’ (still as brilliant now as then) Canterburm 1987
Directing the Parnassus Ensemble. Spain 1994 – Picture including Roy Theaker, Liz Williams, Joanne Green, Gordon MacKay, Arijit Chakravartky, Rebecca Low, Andrew Hines, Philip Sheppard, Paul Moylan
Directing the Paranassus Ensemble. Helmsley Festival 1986 – Clare Hayes, Stephen Morris, Pip Clarke, Jeremy Morris, Rebecca Platt, Adrian Rowlands, Helen Kamminga in shot
Directing the Parnassus Ensemble. Tunbridge Wells 1991- Left to right Harriet Rayfield, Liz Williams, Andrew Storey, Eugene Field, Matthew Draper, Mark Theaker, Pss, Oliver Preece, Julia Knight, Lev Parkian, Andrew Hines, Clare Hayes, Paul Moylan, Ruth Slater, Martin Storey, Arijut Chakravarty, Philip Sheppard