‘Strung Out’ Resource Page and audio for ‘The Exhale’

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Peter Sheppard Skærved – The Violinists’ Practice Desk
Strung Out – the violinist walks….

Wednesday July 22nd 4pm

In action at the ‘Violinists’ Practice Desk’ 22 7 2020
Philip Glass – ‘Strung Out’ 1963 (Workshop recording- Peter Sheppard Skaerved)
Audio of the session

The Exhale
Peter Sheppard Skærved – The Violinists’ Practice Desk

With guest – composer Jim Aitchison

Strung Out – the violinist walks….
Philip Glass – ‘Strung out’: Upon his return from India in 1963, Philip Glass wrote this extraordinary solo piece, a twenty-minute long stream of quaver figurations designed to be played by a walking violinist. At first sight, this piece might seem like an exercise in concentration, demanding great evenness of colour, rhythm and dynamic. However, long acquaintance with the work reveals something quite different: Glass is teaching the importance of what might be called the ‘floating’ approach, ‘effortless effort’. How can we practice this, and how can this practice be applied across all our work?

Breakfast and Richter with Jim Aitchison. 7th February 2012
‘keep going’ -Collaborative project with writer Malene Skaerved – for Dover Arts Development – incorporating ‘Strung Out’

Find out more about the work of Jim Aitchison here! https://www.jimaitchison.org/?fbclid=IwAR3huBxFJQ3XTPKPcF3XjH7rlk4wKts42xDx1Qq1xx4kJKr9PFyUn1lNi7Q

Over a decade ago, I had the extraordinary experience of playing ‘Strung Out’ in front of this Jackson Pollock ( Summertime: Number 9A ). It taught me something alarming and fascinating.
Myllarguten/Thorgeir Augundsen -Bridal March
Played by PSS on a Hardanger Violin presented to Ole Bull
St Paul Minnesota Summer 2016
Playing the violin. 8th August 2016 Schubert Club St Paul MN
Playing Philip Glass ‘Stung Out’ Galeria Rufino Tamayo in Mexico City 2004
Philip Glass ‘Strung Out’ at the Bergen Festival
Cyprus Archaeological Museum Philip Glass (Strung Out)-the gallery piece par excellence with early pottery 30 1114
Playing Philip Glass’s ‘Strung Out’, from the wall, seen through Rosie James’s work
Rehearsing Philip Glass ‘Strung Out’. Wiltons Music Hall 3rd October 2010
Giuseppe Colombi – Toccata (ca 1680)