Composer to performer in the lockdown. 1 – Gregory Rose ‘Satie’s Left Ear’

Posted on April 10th, 2020 by

10 4 2020 -Wapping, London

In the Covid 19 Lockdown, collaboration between composers and performers is if anything, more intense. Over the next days and weeks, I will present a series of interchanges with my treasured collaborators as we work on new pieces together, swap ideas, and see how things evolve. Let’s open the workshop door!

First up. Gregory Rose and I have collaborated for five years – I premiered his violin concerto at St John’s Smith Square in 2019 and our recording, with the Royal Ballet Sinfonia, has just been released on Toccata Classics.

Gregory and I share a fascination with the music of Eric Satie. This prelude is the first movement of ‘Satie’s Left Ear’. This little workshop film is the first time Gregory has heard me play this new piece. I will post material from our to and fro after he hears it, and the other two movements, and see what emerges. So here’s the first step!