In friendship

Posted on November 11th, 2019 by

It’s a great evening. I am back home, with a pot of tea, on the sofa, after spending a day doing the thing I love: my job. But, looking at this picture taken after recording Gregory Rose’s Concerto today, at Angel Studios, it’s clear to me, that the driver, the inspiration, and, perhaps, the purpose of what we do, is friendship. My work is all collaboration, but collaboration is meaningless if not rooted in comradeship. I have been lucky: I cannot list all the partnerships, the friendships, that have been, and remain central to my life as a musician. It would take too long.

With composer/conductor Gregory Rose, after recording his concerto, which I premiered in 2018

But central to our art, is the act of responding, offering, exchanging, of co-celebration. We have the chance to try things, to go on adventures, to take risks, to succeed, to fail, but not alone. And afterwards, after we have climbed these mountaintops of shared experience, we go out and sit with a coffee, and tell our stories, laugh, and say: It went well, it was good, and, we are so lucky to do this, to have this, together.