Thomas Baltzar -C minor Prelude, Allmand & Corant

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The Baltzar ‘Allmand’ from the Flexman Copy book. The ending is markedly different from previously known version

Thomas Baltzar (c.1630 –1663) – C minor Prelude, Allmand & Corant modern premiere from the (from the Flexman Copybook)

Peter Sheppard Skaerved-Violin

Preludes and Vollenteries 20 St Lawrence Jewry. 23rd May 2019

Recording courtesy of Colin Still (Optic Nerve)

Thomas Baltzar – 1630-1663

The Flexman copybook contains two solo movements by Thomas Baltzar. The first is a known allemand (or ‘Allmand’ here) but with a different ending. The second, a courante (or ‘Corant’) seems to have been overlooked up till now. Enjoy.