Reporting back: Preludes & Vollenteries 18 St Botolph without Bishopsgate

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Preludes & Vollenteries 18

St Botolph without Bishopsgate

(James Gould/ George Dance 1729)

Friday 22nd March 2019 6pm

Peter Sheppard Skærved – Violins

In St Botolph without Bishopsgate 22 3 19

 Recordings courtesy of Colin Still (Optic Nerve)

Johann Georg Pisendel (1688 – 1755) – A minor Sonata (last movement played in the version transribed by Telemann in the Der Getreue Musikmeister 

Girolamo Amati 1628

Johann Paul von Westhoff (1656 –1705) – C Major Partita

Anonymous Brescia?  ca. 1570

Giuseppe Tartini (1692 –1770) – G Major Sonata Piccola ‘Tasso’

Sebastian Klotz 1750

Peter Sculthorpe (1929 –2014)

Girolamo Amati 1628

 Alone’ (1976)

Irkanda 1 (1955)

Serenade (2005) (dedicated to David Matthews & Jenifer Wakelyn)


My home for the evening. Preludes & Vollenteries 18 . A little Westhoff, a little Pisendel, a little Tartini, a little Sculthorpe in the wonderful space of St Botolphs’ Bishopsgate

Peter Sheppard Skaerved writes: ‘It is a delight to bring ‘Preludes & Vollenteries’ back to St Botolph’s. This series of concerts explores possible dialogues between the architecture of the rebuilt City of London, and the music made and heard at that time. A fascinating web of connections has emerged, between the composers, makers and composers of the period, and the new relationships with mainland Europe which were made and remade at the time. Today’s programme focuses on two extraordinary works from the Lutheran court of Dresden. There’s a transalpine element too-Pisendel was the dedicatee of numerous works by Vivaldi, and made personal copies of many Tartini sonatas, including the one played this evening. His own A minor sonata was published by Telemann in Der Getreue Musikmeister, and Westhoff’s works for solo violin were published in Paris, in Le Mercure Galant.

‘I would like to thank the team here at St Botolph’s for welcoming me for a second visit: their interest at the beginning of the project was a major factor in its development. In addition, I would like to thank Jonathan Sparey and Jane Ramsden for the generous lone of violins used in this concert. ‘

Next concert: Thursday 4th April, St Mary Abchurch. Abchurch Lane, EC4N 7BW

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