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Peter Sheppard Skærved – Violin


18 Chimney Court

23 Brewhouse Lane

Wapping E1W2NU



Elected Fellow of the Royal Academy of Music 2013

Grammy Nominee 2007 (American Recording Academy)

Viotti Lecturer in Performance Studies, Royal Academy of Music. London

2015-2018 – Kreutzer Quartet Residency, Goldsmiths College, London

1996-2002 Head of Strings London College of Music, TVU


Projects – Overview/selection

2017 – (Ongoing)

‘The dream of the Field Cricket’ – collaboration with author Laurence Rose, RSPB Farnham Common, and ‘Back from the Brink’. Site specific composition, performance and curation reflecting on the issues of ecology and conservation using the model of Gryllus Campestris (linked to Gilbert White ‘Natural History of Selbourne’)

2005 to present. SOUNDBOX series.

Royal Academy of Music Museum. Twice monthly public salon/interview series. Featuring makers, composers, performers, designers, writers etc.

2016 – (Ongoing)

Collaboration with Luca Alessandrini on the Silk Violin Project. Presentations at the Building Centre 2017, Design Biennale London 2018, Craft Central 2018, Royal Academy of Music 2016

2018 – (Ongoing)

Grinling Gibbons – Collaboration with Fairfax House York. Intervention and new music responding to the King David / St Cecelia panel at the house. Collaboration with Nicola leFanu/

2016 – (Ongoing)

Jan Groth project – collaboration with leading Norwegian abstract artist Jan Groth. Initiated by Kunsthallen Bergen. Resulting composition of 2 hour (and building) cycle ‘A Futhork for Jan Groth’, premiere Bergen Festspilerne 2017, and ongoing development and expansion working with Svalbard Kunsthallen, Minneapolis Institute of Art, Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum Tromso, Oxford Contemporary Art, Dansk-Norsk Fondet, Lysebu Oslo, Schaeffergaarden Copenhagen, Copenhagen Staatsgaleri/


2013 – (Ongoing)

Ole Bull explored – exploring/reconstructing lost semi-improvised work and international links of Ole Bull (1810=1880). Initiated in collaboration with Kode group of museums Bergen, Lysoen & Valestrand (Ole Bull residences and collections in Norway), Ole Bull residence Madison Wisconsin. Ongoing recordings (see below), performances (Bergen International Festival, Schubert Club Museum St Paul Minnesota etc.), and rediscovery and return to Norway of lost 1647 Ole Bull Nicolo Amati violin.


‘Music of the Spheres’ Composition-performance collaboration with artist Charlotte Jarvis, Mihailo Trandafilovski, and European Molecular Biology Laboratory.  (Hinxton) Iterations at Dilston Grove, Aldeburgh Festival, EMBL

2017 – (Ongoing)

Klagenfurt Handskrift. Collaboration with Landesmuseum Klagenfurt and Royal Northern College of Music. Exploration and first complete recording of 100plus scordatura movements (completed August 2018 –see below), on small 1685 Antonio Stradivari. Ongoing research presentations and concerts in the UK and USA, and planned first Austrian performance in Klagenfurt Spring 2019

2017- (Ongoing)

Composition & Craft. Collaboration with The Forge (Craft Central) – early industrial space on the Isle of Dogs. Series of salon style concerts bring old and new instrument technology, living composers and craftspeople together. Four events to date, including the Redgate Caprices and series planned for 2019, incorporating composers from Sweden, and possibly Goldmiths composers.

2017 – 2018 (Ongoing)

Preludes & Vollenteries – 17th Century works for violin/viola alone in Wren/Hooke Hawksmoor Churches. 16 London concerts up to November 2018. Each concert including performances of works written for PSS linked to the series

2014 – (Ongoing)

The Nicosia Caprices – Collaboration with composer Evis Sammoutis. Site specific work in Nicosia old town, and work with Nicosia Codex (and Lusignan troubadorix material) resulting in series of new caprices, concerto (to be premiered 2019) and research into extended bow/transducer technology. Partner institutions Cyprus University, Georgia Tech (Atlanta) and Ithaca College.


Channel Firing – Commissioned by DMAG and DAD. Collaboration with Dover Museum. Walking, Writing, Bloggings, Recording project, reflecting on links between the outbreak of the First World War, and the Pilgrims Way, from Winchester to Dover.

2015 ongoing

Schubert 1816 – Exploration of Franz Schubert’s 1816 Sonatas using 1770 Leopold Widhalm violin, F X Tourte transitional bow, 1812 Clementi Square piano. With Julian Perkins. See below for recorded outcome/






Masterclasses, Workshops etc. (selection)

Middlebury College (Vermont), Ithaca College ( New York), Peabody Conservatoire (Maryland), Friends University (Wichita Kansas), Adelphi College (New York), Cornell University (New York State), Bowdoin College (Maine), Vanderbilt University (Tennessee), Countess of Wessex’s String Orchestra (British Army), Carl Nielsen Conservatory, Grieg Conservatory Bergen, Norwegian Music Academy, Musikhogkolan Malmo, Royal Northern College of Music, Trinity Laban College of Music and Drama, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, Royal College of Music, Tchaikovsky Conservatory Kyiv, Odessa Conservatory, Conaculta Mexico City. Munwha Ibo (Seoul), Taegu Conservatory, Vilnius Conservatory


Premieres/dedications/ commissions (selection)

Jim Aitchison-Shibboleth (2008), Hinterlight (2004). Fugue Refractions (2011). Shadows of Light (2012), Portraits for a Study (2014)

Paul Archbold – Gauge Symmetries (2004)

Lars Bagger – Chorale ( 2006), ‘Julen har bragt velsignet bud’ (2008), Proprio Dio (2012)

Laurie Bamon – Laurie Bamon-All the Summer Sea Birds (2015), Here Lies the Memory (2010). The Wind (2010)

Simon Bainbridge – Clarinet Quintet

Marcin Banasik – Strength (2011)

Richard Beaudoin – Etudes d’un Prelude (2011), Chopin Prelude (2018)

Emmanuel Berrido – ‘Miserere’

Ansgar Beste – Dialogues Fragiles (2011)

Judith Bingham – The Lost works of Paganini (2007), Leonardo’s Mirror (2010)

Benjamin Buchanan – Vertiginous Beauty (2012)

Nigel Clarke – Parnassus (1986), Pernambuco (1996), The Miraculous Violin (2000), Loulan (2000) Black Fire (2003), Dogger Fisher German Bight… (2012), Pulp & Rags (2013), Epitaph for Edith Cavell (2014), The Scarlet Flower (2014)

Gloria Coates – Piano Quintet (2015), Violin concerto (2010), Solo Sonata. Lyric Suite for Piano Trio, Quartets 5, 7, 9, Stolen Identity (2012)

Steff Connor – Other World (2011)

Edward Cowie – 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th Quartets (2013-18), Gad (solo violin) 2017. Particle Partita (2017)

Jeremy Dale Roberts – Tristia (Violin & Piano) (2006), Quintet (2015-15)

Peter Dickinson – Adagio (Violin and Piano) (2018). Air (rev 2015)

Martin Ellerby – Clarinet Quintet ‘Epitaphs’ (2012). Viola Sonata (2018)

Michael Finnissy – Quintet (2008), 2nd Quartet (2006), 3rd Quartet (2009), Civilisation (2013), Clarinet Quintet (2016)

Fabrice Fitch – Agricolies (String Quartet) 2007

Benjamin Gait – In a Silent Way (2011)

Panos Ghikas – Threshold (2004)

Zach Gulaboff Davies – Chorale (2017)

Julia Gomelskaya – Dabupa-Pa (2000)

David Gorton – 8 Caprices (2006-2018), Four Inventions ( 2009), Trajectories/1st Quartet (2007), Dowland Variations ( 2013), Concerto after Torelli ( 2018), Piano Quintet ( 2011), Austerity Measures (2011)

Haflidi Hallgrimsson – 7 Epigrams (1999), Paul Klee Studies (2004-2017)

Sadie Harrison – Tarab for two Violins (2017), String Quartet (1999), Ballare un passacaglia di ombre (August 2011), Gallery (2013), Broken Wing (2014), An angel reads my open book (2005)

Jean Hasse – Collections Considered (2006), Tamayo Prelude (2004)

Hans Werner Henze – Duetto Concertante 1988, Fünf Nachtstücke (1990)

Kenneth Hesketh – Violin Concerto (2002)

Michael Hersch – Five Fragments (2004), 14 pieces (2007), In the Snowy Margins… (2010), Of Sorrow Born: Seven Elegies for unaccompanied violin (2014)

Alistair Hinton – A bouquet for David and Jenifer (2007)

Robin Holloway – Sonatina (2015)

Kate Honey-‘Stay Together, Learn the Flowers, Go Light’ (2014)

Dallas Joseph Howard – Drifting Eclipse’ (2017)

Joel Järventausta – Soi (2017), Valkea (2014)

Liburn Jupolli – Eta Carinae (2009)

Jacob Kerzner – Seeking (2017)

Yigit Kolat – The Rite (2003), Taksim (2010)

Laura Konjetsky-‘die Rote Zugabe’ (2012)

David Lancaster – Rough Cut (2014)

Scott Lee – Fiddle Sketch (2012)

Nicola le Fanu – 3rd Quartet (2011), Prelude after Grinling Gibbons (2018)

Christopher Lyndon Gee-‘String Theory’ (2004)

David Matthews- (dedications 1996 – 2018) 15 Fugues, 4 Australian Birds, Montana Taylor’s Blues. 15 Preludes, Not Farewell. 3 Fantasies, Quartets 10, 12, 13, 14, 8 Duos, Beethoven Arrangements. 3 Chants (2014)

John McCabe – Duo (2002), Clarinet Quintet (2010)

E’narda McCalester-Rhapsody for the Cult of the Sun (2011)

Paul Moravec – Fantasy (2004)

Luca Mosca – Quartet (2011)

Goran Nachevski – 6 Unformal Conversations (2004)

Vassos Nicolaou – Nrible (2010)

Pavel Novak – 25 Caprices (2007)

Paul Osterfield – 24 Caprices (2011)

Sidika Ozdil – Violin Concerto ‘Dimensions of the Clouds’ (1991)

Onur Özmen-Diary (2003)

Paul Pellay- The Thesaurus of VIolinistic Fiendishness (Books 1-7) (2002), Venexian (2010), Flam Remembered (2011), Evolving to (2006), Clarinet Quintet (2015), Slivers (2016). Four Guys in a Room (2012)

George Rochberg-Pachelbel Variations (2000)

Joan Cot Ros – Quartet (2011)

Poul Ruders – Summers Prelude & Winters Fugue (2010)

Rafet Rudi – Fantasia en  Si ( 2006)

Roger Redgate – Caprices (2017 – ongoing, 3rd Quartet, Oboe Quintet

David Riebe – A Cat, A warrior, A Tortoise (2011). Song of the Thames Daughters (2014)

Gregory Rose – Three Studies (2015), Violin Concerto (2017), The Dancing Fiddler (2018)

Michael Alec Rose – Three Short Obsession (2005), Violin Concerto (2006), Hubbert Peak ( 2007), Hopeful Monsters (2011), Everything under the Sun (2011),  Il Ritorno ( 2013), Diaphany ( 2016)., Palimpsest ( 2006). Air (2009). An Arch Never Sleeps (2012), Dr Johnson & Mr Savage (2012), Unturned Stones (2012)

Volodmyr Rundchak – Violin Concerto (1999)

Peter Savli-Manipura (2011)

Evis Sammoutis – Caprices (2014- present), Monogenesis (2008), Metioron (2011)

Andrea Sarto-Hevel (2011)

Mantas Savickis-Inner Process (2011)

Jonatan Sersam –Etude (2010)

Elliot Schwartz – Darwin’s Dream (2014). Violin Concerto (2009), Water Music (2002), ‘Jefferson – Soliloquy and Remembrance’ (August 2011). Quartet 2 (2012), Quartet 3 (2016) s

Dmitri Smirnov – Amore Sola (2006),

Martin Smolka- Autumn Thoughts (1999(

Thomas Simaku-Violin Concerto (2006), Capriccio (2014), 2nd Quartet (2005), My Beautiful Morea (2015), Duo Sotto Voci (2006). A2 (2011)

Miroslav Spasov-Vesna Ayama (2013)

Howard Skempton – Tally (2006)

Michael Slayton – Elegy/Nocturne (2008), Sursum (2010)

Ivana Stefanovic-Ordinary conversations, for two violins (2011)

Luke Styles – Previously Now and Before (2004-2010)

Jeremy Thurlow – Ouija (Violin & Electronics 2013), Self-Ablaze (Violin & Piano 2014), Memory is the Seamstress (String Quartet 2016)

Karmella Tsepkelenko – Solo-Solissimo (2000)

Mihajlo Trandafilovski – Colours/Limits ( 2006), 2nd Concerto/Diptych ( 2012), 2 Duos (2004-20017), 1st Quartet ( 2006), Star Factory (2011), Magnets Lava Crystals (2011), Song-Rotation (2012),  Arc en Ciel (2013), Fibres AND Coils (2016), Sharenilo (2016)

Judith Weir – Atlantic Drift (2006)

Peter Sheppard Skærved (2017 plus) – ‘A futhork for Jan Groth’ Premiered Bergen Festspilerne 2017

Jorg Widmann – 180 Beats per minute (1994), Etude 1 (1996)

Ian Wilson – Cartographies (2004)

Elizabeth Winter – Image Unfolding (2010)

John Woolrich – Three Nocturnals from Songbook 2 (1988)

Shen Yi – Tajik Dance (2002)

Douglas Young – ‘Mr Klee visits the Botanical Gardens’ (1989-2016)

Defina Zeqiri – Dream (2010)

Rasmus Zwicki – 5 Canons (2004)



Australian 20th Century Works for Quartet (Werder, Butterley etc.) (Move Records) also producer

J S Bach – Sonatas & Partitas – Great Violins Series 3 (Athene/Divine Art) (awaiting release) 2 discs

Richard Beaudoin – Works for String Quartet (New Focus Recordings)

Nigel Clarke – Black Fire & The Miraculous Violin (Concertos) (Naxos)

Nigel Clarke – Pernambuco and other Solo Works (Metier Divine Art)

Nigel Clarke – Works for string Ensemble (director) (Toccata Classics) also producer

Gloria Coates – Quartets 1-9, Solo Sonata, Piano Quintet, Piano Trio (Naxos) 4 discs

Gloria Coates – Violin Concerto. (Tadzik)

Edward Cowie – Quartets 3, 4, 5 (NMC) also Producer

Edward Cowie – Quartets 1, 2, 6 (in production) also Producer

Jeremy Dale Roberts – Croquis & Works for Violin and Piano (NMC) also producer

Jeremy Dale Roberts – Quintet & Capriccio for Violin and Piano (Toccata Classics) also producer

Beethoven – Complete Sonatas, Symphonic transcriptions, works by Ries, Romberg, Erzherzog Rudolph, Clement, Mayseder (Metier/ Divine Art) 6 discs

Ole Bull – Works for Violin – Great Violins Series 2 (Athene/Divine Art)

Catalan Works for String Quartet (Divine Art/Metier)

Cesar Cui – Complete works for violin and Piano (Olympia)

Michael Finnissy – Quartet 1 and other works (Metier/Divine Art)

Michael Finnissy – Quartets 2 & 3 (NMC)

Michael Finnissy/Grieg – Piano Quintets

Michael Finnissy – 6 Sexy Minuets. Civilisation (Metier/Divine Art) also producer

Etude Philharmonique – Solo works by Henze, Matthews, Smirnov, Hakim (Metier/Divine Art)

Christopher Fox, James Clarke, Roger Redgate – Oboe Quintet (Metier Divine Art)

Roberto Gerhard – Complete Quartets (Metier Divine Art)

David Gorton – Dowland Variations for String Ensemble (Director) Toccata Classics also producer

David Gorton – Caprices for Solo Violin, Piano Trio, 1st Quartet (Metier/Divine Art)

David Gorton – Piano Quintet, Oboe Quintet (Metier Divine Art) also producer

Haflidi Hallgrimsson – Quartets & Solo Works (EOS) 2 discs

Sadie Harrison – Works for Violin & Piano, String Quartet (Metier Divine Art)

Sadie Harrison – The Light Garden (Solo Violin) (Metier/Divine Art)

Sadie Harrison – Gallery (works for solo violin) (Metier/Divine Art) also producer

Michael Haydn – Violin Concertos (Meridian)

Hans Werner Henze – Concertos 1-3, Il Vitalino Raddopiato (Naxos) 2 Disc

Hans Werner Henze – Violin & Viola Sonatas (Naxos)

Wilfred Josephs – Clarinet Quintet (Metier Divine Art)

Anon – 17th Century Scordatura solos works from the Klagenfurt MS (Athene/Divine art) (awaiting release) 3 discs

Rudolph Kreutzer – Concertos 14, 15, 16 (Naxos)

David Matthews – Quartets 1-14 (Toccata Classics) 5 Discs also producer

David Matthews – Complete Solo Works for Violin (Toccata Classics) 2 Discs also producer

John McCabe & Alan Rawsthorne – Solo Works and Duos (Metier Divine Art) also producer

John McCabe – Chamber Works (Guild Records) also producer

Paul Moravec – Works for Violin & Piano (Naxos)

Northern Lights – Works for quartet by Saxton, Casken, Weir (Metier/Divine Art)

John Ogdon- Works for Violin, Violin & Piano (John Ogdon Foundations)

Paul Pellay _ The Thesaurus of VIolinistic Fiendishness (Metier/Divine Art) Two discs also producer

Anton Reicha – Quartets Op 48 & 49 (Toccata Classics) 3 Discs – also producer

Anton Reicha – 12 Duos & Duo Concertant (Naxos)

George Rochberg – Caprice Variations, Violin Sonata (Metier/Divine Art) 2 discs

George Rochberg – 3rd Quartet (Metier/Divine Art)

George Rochberg – Violin Concerto (Naxos)

Gregory Rose – Violin Concerto (to be recorded Omsk 2019 for Toccata Classics)

Michael Alec Rose – Il Ritorno (Cycle for Solo Violin) (Metier Divine Art) also producer

Michael Alec Rose – Quartets & Solo Works (Toccata Classics) also producer

Elliott Schwartz – Works for Violin and piano, and String Orchestra (director) (Metier/Divine Art) also producer

Shostakovich – Quartet 4, 7, 8 (Carlton Classics)

Schubert – Concertante Works (Meridian)

Schubert – Three Sonatas (Athene/Divine Art) also producer

Thomas Simaku – Quartets 2, 3, and Soliloquy for Solo Violin (Naxos)

Thomas Simaku – Works for violin, and Violin and Piano (Naxos) also producer

Michael Slayton – Sursum (Parma Records) also Producer

Tartini – Sonate Piccolo complete (Toccata Classics) 5 discs – also producer

Telemann – Violin Fantasies (Meridian)

Telemann – Violin & Flute Fantasies –Great Violins Series 1(Athene/Divine Art) 2 discs

Michael Tippett – Complete Quartets (Chandos) 2 discs

Mihailo Trandafilovski – 1st Violin Concerto, String Quartet (Lorelt)

Mihailo Trandafilovski – 2nd Concerto, Three Duos for Violin & Piano (Metier/Divine Art) also producer

Mihailo Trandafilovski  – Duos, Chetiri (Innova) also producer

Viotti – Solo Sonata & Tartini Corelli Variations (Athene Divine Art) also producer

Winter Journey- Solo Works by Jolivet, Matthews, Sculthorpe, Schulhoff (Fishear)

Bernd Alois Zimmerman – Solo Sonata & Presences (Albedo)


Film (Selection)

Responding to the Waddesdon Room.  British Museum Productions 2016

Music for the Cast Courts – Victoria & Albert Museum Productions (2013)

‘Only Connect’ Exploring my Exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery. Optic Nerve, Director Colin Still, 2011

‘Quartet Choreography’ with Kreutzer Quartet and Amanda Bayley. Metier Divine Art (DVD) 2009

New Music – Old Tools TedX Bergen (2013)

Telemann Fantasies, Henze, Hersch. Live in Baltimore 2013 (Director Ricard Anderson)

The Paganini Project –Library of Congress Productions (2013)

Approaching Stradivari – Library of Congress Productions (2010)

Luigi Nono-La Lontananza Nostalgica Utopica Futura -February 22nd 2015 (Great Hall, Goldsmiths College, London). Film by Immo Horn


Writing – Selected

‘John Orlando Parry. The Poster Man’ 2007 Royal Academy of Music Publications

’Symphonisch Grösse: Die Streichquartette’, in ’Komponisten in Bayern. Dokumente musikalischen Schaffens im 20. und 21. Jahrhundert’, Vol. 54: Gloria Coates; Verlag Hans Schneider, Tutzing 2012

The String Quartet Now, or From Where I Sit … A Very Personal View Contemporary Music Review 2013(CMR) July 2013

On Collaboration – The Strad (Spring 2014)

October 2014 – Ole Bull. Article for ‘Strings Magazine’ USA

The Exchange Project: distributed creativity as artistic strategy David Gorton and Peter Sheppard Skærved Paper given at the Performance Studies Network Third International Conference, University of Cambridge, 17-20 July 2014

‘Practise. Walk’. In ‘Walking Cities: London’ 2016 Camberwell Press

‘Die Suche nach dem Klang’ in ‘Menuhin Festschrift’ Konzerthaus Berlin, June 2-16

‘Paganini’s ‘Red Book’ – A Personal View’ in ‘Paganini Rockstar’ Ed. Roberto Grisley. Silvana Editoriale Genova. October 2018




Museums/Gallery Residencies (selection)

Galeria Rufino Tamayo, Mexico City, summer 2004

British Museum – Spring 2006 ‘Enlightenment Gallery’

Library of Congress, Washingto DC2007 to present – ongoing interventions

2006-2008 – Co-curator Tate St Ives Summer Music Week

Curator, Exhibition, National Portrait Gallery, ‘Only Connect’ 2011

‘May 2013 Rosendal Baroniet, Norway

Spring 2014 ‘A Richer Dust’ Concert/talks National Portrait Gallery, London

February 2014 ‘Keep Going’ Dover Arts Development. Studio Space. Dover (with Malene Skærved)

Channel Firing – Online Exhibit for Dover Museum 2014- Present

‘A Flash between Darknesses# Pharos Trust, Shoe Factory Nicosia (Artist) 2015

Lepramuseet Bergen (May 2016)

Metropolitan Museum New York City 2016 ongoing (regular interventions)

Pharos Trust, Shoe Factory Nicosia (Artist) 2015

Lepramuseet Bergen (May 2016)

Metropolitan Museum New York City 2016 ongoing (regular interventions)

Svalbard Kunsthallen April 2017

Kunsthallen Bergen May 2017

Minneapolis Institute of Arts (September 2018)

British Museum – Waddesdon Room (October 2018)

Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum January 2019