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'Facing Enlightenment' 13 12 13 British Museum. Playing Matteis with the fantastic Julian Perkins. Diana Mathews waiting to play...

‘Facing Enlightenment’ 13 12 13 British Museum. Playing Matteis with the fantastic Julian Perkins. Diana Mathews waiting to play…

26th December 2013. Inspired by wonderful days of candlelit conversation with friends, and a gift of Samuel Pepy’s Diary, I found myself playing Nicolao Matteis at the table this evening.

Nicolao Matteis-Selected Preludes (Peter Sheppard Skaerved) Andrea Amati 1560 (bow by Antonino Arienti 2011)(workshop recording-at the desk!)

Peter Sheppard Skaerved-Violin 

Nashville TN 13th September 2013

Michael Alec Rose-the composer ambling. Couchville Cedar Glades, TN 15th September 2013

Michael Alec Rose-the composer ambling. Couchville Cedar Glades, TN 15th September 2013

Back with Aaron Shorr at Wilton's, 11th September 2013. Launching our complete Beethoven Sonatas 'Beethoven Explored' on Metier. http://www.divineartrecords.com/CD/msv2007info.htm

Back with Aaron Shorr at Wilton’s, 11th September 2013. Launching our complete Beethoven Sonatas ‘Beethoven Explored’ on Metier. LINK TO PURCHASE

Just about to announce my new project working with the Enlightenment Gallery at the British Museum. This event will involve old music by Walther, Matteis, Eccles etc, and very new music by David Gorton. Inspiring harpsichordist Julian Perkins is my partner in crime for this adventure-first outing will be 13th December, 2013 at the British Museum. The Here's a corner of one of our bookshelves-Young, Burney, Harris, Cowper, Tasso helping to puzzle this out-and a link to the ongoing work with the museum. https://www.sheppardskaerved.com/2011/12/music-for-the-enlightenment-gallery/

Just about to announce my new project working with the Enlightenment Gallery at the British Museum. This event will involve old music by Walther, Matteis, Eccles etc, and very new music by David Gorton. Inspiring harpsichordist Julian Perkins is my partner in crime for this adventure-first outing will be 13th December, 2013 at the British Museum. The Here’s a corner of one of our bookshelves-Young, Burney, Harris, Cowper, Tasso helping to puzzle this out-and a link to the ongoing work with the museum.

Concert with Michael Hersch. London 7th September. With a great artist and dear friend.

Concert with Michael Hersch. London 7th September. With a great artist and dear friend.

Ole Bull is going to be very important for me this year; so here’s a great place to start, the wonderful Jakob Fjeld statue in Loring Park Minneapolis. It was the first statue of Bull to be erected, and dialogues fascinatingly with the more famous Sinding monument (1901) in Bergen. Watch this space (Photo Marius Skaerved)

With APHC friends. Fred Newman, Peter Johnson, Richard Kriehn. Photo courtesy of Richard Dworsky

New Arrival! 26th July 2013 Beethoven volume 5 (Op 12 Sonatas and wonderful Andreas Romberg Sonata).With thanks to Aaron Shorr and Stephen Sutton at Divine Art/Metier: Order your copy of all the sonatas now!!!! http://www.divine-art.co.uk/DAhome.htm

It’s here! David Matthews Solo Violin Works Volume 1. Congratulations to David, thanks to Jonathan Haskell and Martin Anderson. Very proud of being involved with this! It will be soon available from http://www.toccataclassics.com/

8th July-A fantastic evening: with David Matthews, Morgan Goff, Neil Heyde, Mihailo Trandafilovski, after playing David’s 10th Quartet (which we have loved playing for 10 years) and his arrangements of Beethoven Op 119 and 22. Diana Mathews played wonderfully in Op 29. Photo by Marius Skaerved. Great to be back HOME at Willton’s Music Hall….

And this just in! First peak at the cover (my favourite Boilly engraving) for volume two of Tartini-30 Solo Sonatas! to get volume one (and hear extracts) go to:http://www.toccataclassics.com/cddetail.php?CN=TOCC0146

1st July, Karlskrona Sweden-a 4 day residency at the Lyckå Kammarmusik Festival. The Kreutzer Quartet have just spent an evening rehearsing Rolf Martinsson’s beautiful new work with astonishing soprano Lisa Larsen, here in Sweden. Fabulous to embark on a another adventure with Morgan Goff (who took the picture), Mihailo Trandafilovski, and Neil Heyde.

29th June Waterloo Festival: And this has just arrived, courtesy of Richard Bram, with the great John McCabe, after playing his ‘La Donna’ quintet last saturdayMihailo Trandafilovski and Morgan Goff as pleased and honoured to be onstage with ouf dear friend

Michael Hersch-”Images from a closed ward” (2010)Lo-fi audio rip from Video

‘Broken Wing’ (after Leonardo’ -Marius & Peter Sheppard Skaerved

St John’s Church, Waterloo, London. 29th June 2013 (‘War and Communities’)

Kreutzer Quartet (Peter Sheppard Skaerved, Mihailo Trandafilovski, Morgan Goff, Neil Heyde)

Rehearsing Michael Hersch. Waterloo. 29th June 2013



On the 29th June 2013, the Kreutzers broughtMichael Hersch’s wonderful ‘Images from a Closed Ward’ at the Waterloo Festival,along with pieces by John McCabe and David Gorton. We have been rehearsing Hersch’s piece at Wilton’s Music Hall today (12th June 2013). Here is a snapshot.

Kreutzer Quartet Peter Sheppard Skaerved, Mihailo Trandafilovski, Morgan Goff, Neil Heyde

Movement 9-‘Haunted; stricken, consort like throughout.

A big thankyou to the my friends at the Blair Quartet, for commissioning and championing this great piece-Grazie Mille, Chris, Connie, John and Felix.

And here is some more Hersch, filmed in Baltimore

Giacinto Scelsi & Edward Thomas-Waterloo Festival 2013

Peter Sheppard Skaerved & Mihailo Trandafilovski-Violins

Giacinto Scelsi

‘Lights out’ -Edward Thomas 1915

‘Arc-en-ciel’- Giancinto Scelsi


Edward Thomas

Live at the Waterloo Festival-‘War and Communities’

St John’s Church 29th June 2013

NB-Lo-fi Audio Rip from Video


A fantastic day-recording Mihailo Trandafilovski’s wonderful ‘ Diptych’ for violin and strings with the composer, Aisha Orazbayeva, Preetha Narayanan, Alice Barron, Midori Komachi, Diana Mathews, Shulah Oliver, Evie Heyde, Valerie Welbanks, and Rachel Meeloo at All Saints Tooting. Extraordinary music, and wonderful colleagues/friends-a day of joy.

News from the Recording Studio! Reicha Quartets continue. 20th June 2013

Reicha-B flat Major Quartet Op 49 No 3

Unedited Outtakes of recording day: 20 06 13

Kreutzer Quartet: Peter Sheppard Skaerved, Mihailo Trandafilovski, Morgan Goff, Neil Heyde

Engineer: Jonathan Haskell

Instruments: PSS-Stradivari 1698 ‘Joachim’, MT-Stradivari 1709 ‘Regent’, MG-Daniel Parker 1714, NH- G B Vuillaume ca.1840

Allegro AssaiAdagioMenuetto (Allegretto-Allegro)Fuga:Allegro



Mihailo Trandafilovski with the violins!


Welcome back Chris! On stage yesterday (12-06-13) with the Kreutzers and master oboist and great friend,Chris Redgate. World Premiere of David Gorton’s ‘Austerity Measures’

Beethoven Begins (II) at Wilton’s Music Hall.Link to Live Recordings

The Kreutzers onstage at Festspillene 2013 Bergen (last week)

June 7th 2013
Telemann-Flute Fantasies

All through my work as a musician I have been fascinated by wind and brass instruments, technique, and the interrelationship between string playing and wind brass repertoire/performance, both historically and today. The origin for me, of this is the crossover between repertoire in the 18th and early 19th century. This has its obvious roots in the fact that an accomplished musician of the period was, by definition, a multi-instrumentalist, composer and usually a trained singer. Johann Joachim Quantz, whose  Treatise of a Method for Playing the Transverse Flute (1752 Berlin) is more or less the bible of style and practice in Northern Europe in the mid-18th Century, was also a violinist. There is perhaps more practical information about violin playing in this work than Leopold Mozart’s conteporaneous A Treatise on the Fundamental Principles of Violin Playing (1756). There was such a crossover of techniques, and my feeling has always been that this continues.

But my focus of interest here is Telemann. In 1993, I made the first complete recording of the Telemann  12 Fantasies (1735)  for solo violin. At this time these masterpieces were almost never played. They have been at the centre of my repertoire ever since, and I have played the cycle countless times.  LINK  However, the origin of my fascination with these violin fantasies had been my earlier encounter with the 12 Fantasies (1732/3) for solo flute. When I was a student, the wind players with whom I was friends introduced me to the beauty of these works, and I had the opportunity to hear the cycle, in pioneering performances at the time by Wissam Boustany, and when I could, in private, I played these works, though far from the ears of my flutist acquaintances. This led, naturally to the performance and recording of the violin works.

Now however, I returning to all 24 Fantasies. I had always been aware that the earliest known edition of these works (there is a copy in the Brussels Conservatoire Library ( littera T 5823 W) says on the front page “Violino”. I am not suggesting for a minute that these are violin pieces, but modestly, that violinists should learn them-as an Apollo-nian balance to the rather earthier (I generalise)violin works. But there is another aspect to this; a simple one, which is that composers such as Telemann, whilst taking advantage of the extraordinary expressive and colouristic opportunities of the flute of the time, had aspects of the violin at back of their minds. A simple example of this would be the placing/tuning of ‘open strings’. These are present throughout the works; ironically, in order to keep within the compass of the flute-the works never go below D (a tone above middle C)-which is an open string on the violin, or above the E, two octaves and a tone higher (which is a ringing ‘harmonic’ on the violin). Yet again, I stress, I do not think these are violin pieces, but steal them, in the same spirit of banditry which draws me to the Schubert Variations or the Bach A minor Partita.


Georg Philipp Telemann (14 March 1681 – 25 June 1767)

The colour afforded me by the ca.1560 Amati on which I am working today, has drawn me to consider recording both sets of Fantasies together. Here are some selections, recorded at the desk this morning. (7th June 2013) See what you think.

Georg Philipp Telemann-12 Fantasies (selections) Workshop recording. 7th June 2013. Violin-Andrea Amati (ca 1560) Bow-Antonino Airenti (2011)

Fantasia 6 Dolce Spirituoso

Fantasia 8 Largo Allegro

Fantasia 9 Affetuoso

Fantasia 10 A tempo giusto   Moderato 

And a great composer-lets not beat about the bush-is celebrated, as he should be with Michael Finnissy at the Haakonshallon at Festpillen 2013. Great photo by Thor Brødreskift-with Mihailo Trandafilovski, Roderick Chadwick, Morgan Goff, Neil Heyde. A recording of this wonderful piece will be released by Stephen Sutton’s wonderful Metier/Divine Art Label.

With Michael Finnissy, Neil Heyde, Morgan Goff, Mihailo Trandafilovski, Roderick Chadwick, after playing what one audience member described as Michael’s ‘gift to Bergen’-his completion of the Grieg quintet-thanks due to the team at Festpille 2013, and especially Anders Beyer and Øystein Kvinge.

Concert at Troldhaugen,with a kindly Edvard Grieg on the (exquisite) piano. 1 6 13Roderick Chadwick and I finished with Delius ‘Lullaby for a Modern Baby’-the first time I have played the piece (which I will always associate with Ralph Holmes, who is the reason I’m a musician). I promised myself that I wouldn’t cry(that didn’t work). Then they wanted more, so we played Grieg/Andersen’s ‘Jeg Elsker Dig’ and I read from Malene Sheppard Skaerved’s writing about HCA and Riborg Voigt. Then they still wanted more, so I did the thing that I had promised not too, my (OTT) version of ‘Knud Larsens Halling’, which by now, has become sort of thrash metal Hardanger-I figured that it was my last concert here,so if they ran me out of town on a rail,then at least I had done my bit.

31st May. Bergen Festspille 2013. ‘Saeterjentens Fredag’ at Haakonshallon. With Roderick Chadwick and Michael Finnissy, playing his own piece..

A new collaboration begins; with inspiring young colleagues from the Julliard School and Norwegian Music Academy. 11pm 30th May 2013 Bergen. Left to Right: Maria Carlsen, Ellen Nisbeth,Ole christian Gullikstad Haagenrud, Lionel Cottet, PSS

Premiere of Jeremy Dale Roberts-Quintet. Wiltons Music Hall 22 5 13.Absolute heaven! With Jeremy Dale Roberts, Morgan Goff, Mihailo Trandafilovski, Neil Heyde, and Bridget MacRae at Wiltons Music Hall. Premiere of an incredible piece. I say it now, there is no way that I can express how grateful I am for friends to work with like these!

In the June Edition of the Strad Magazine

Bach-D minor Partita BWV 1004 (Sarabandes!) VIolin-Peter Sheppard SkaervedVersion 1:Version2:Version3:

Engineer: Jonathan Haskell(Astounding Sounds)

On May 23rd 2013, I recorded the D minor partita, in the wonderful St John the Baptist Church, Aldbury. This marked the completion of recording the 6 solo works, an inspiring journey for this violinist. The  hours of recording were really special, an exploration of some of the ways that I see this music. Here, as an example of how I like to work, are three ‘readings’ of the Sarabanda. With Bach, there’s no right way of doing something, anymore than there is a ‘right way’ to say a line of Shakespeare, or drink a glass of water. What more is there to say? This is also a little homage to the sound of the 1698 Joachim Strad.

Bows by Antonino Airenti (after Biber, Tartini), then Leonard Tourte, then Francoiis Tourte, ‘Joachim’ Stradivari 1698

21st Ma 2013:Now this is what it’s all about. A regular audience member at SOUNDBOX, Harry Green, has been making a violin for 6 years. Today, he brought it in, and I was able to use it to give the modern premiere of Anders Heyerdahl’s ‘Nissespel’. That’s what’s all about for me-real inspiration from my audience, fascinating music from the 19th Century, and a new fiddle to show me new vistas of colour! A new violin should always be applauded-it/and Harry, were!

21st May 1230 Royal Academy of Music Museum SOUNBOX Admission Free

More Ole Bull reseach-exploring the results of my last trip to Ole Bull’s house, in April, LINK

Inspiration: a few steps from Bull’s front door. April 2013

News of the Day-Victoria and Albert ‘Cast Courts’ Film is online! Go to:LINK

This week-rehearsing Jeremy Dale Roberts wonderful String Quintet!

One of my favourite things. The composer’s hand-Jeremy Dale Roberts at work in rehearsal 13-15 2013

It’s here!Reicha Quartets volume one. Thanks to Neil Heyde, Morgan Goff, Mihailo Trandafilovski, Martin Anderson, Jonathan Haskell, and all the KickStarter supporters (11th May 2013)

Anton Reicha-Quartet Op 49 No 2 in D Major

(May 7th 2013), the Kreutzer Quartet recorded this incredible work in the St John the Baptist, Aldbury-our recording ‘home’

Here are outtakes of this extraordinary piece! The finished recording will be released on the Toccata Label. (more on this project at LINK)

Anton Reicha-D Major Quartet op 49 No 2 OUTTAKES (Peter Sheppard Skaerved-Stradivari 1698, Mihailo Trandafilovski-Stradivari 1708, Morgan Goff-Daniel Parker 1715, Neil Heyde-Vuillaume 1840)

Allegro ma non troppoAdagioMenuettoAllegro

Kreutzer Quartet (Photo Richard Bram)

The Caprices Project-2pm and 6pm. David Josefowitz Hall, Royal Academy of Music 3rd May

Friday  the RAM-the Caprices Project. 2pm and 6pm in the David Josefowitz Hall. An amazing  afternoon!

Caprices Project at the RAM. 3rd May 2013. PSS with Mihailo Trandafilovski, Sadie Fields, Diana Mathews, Maciej Tomasz Burdzy

Here’s a Trandafilovski working sketch, to set the workshop mood-with music and performers-Paul Pellay, Sadie Harrison, Diana Mathews, Janes Wicks, David Gorton, Mihailo Trandafilovski, Sadie Fields, Maya Kadish, Michael Hersch, Paul West-Osterfield, Ansgar Beste, Nigel Clarke, Haflidi Hallgrimsson, Robert Szymanek, Benjamin Buchanan, William Cole, Anthony Friend, Uilleac Whelan, Judith Bingham, Richard Causton, Pavel Novak….

Caprice Project at the RAM 3rd May. Violist Uilleac Whelan hard at work with Mihailo Trandafilovski

Nicola Matteis, Andrea Amati, St Michael’s Cornhill 2nd May 2013

First afternoon exploring the combintion of Andrea Amatio, Antonino Airenti, Nicola Matteis and the sublime space of St Michaels Cornhill 2 5 2013


Today, I spent three idyllic hours working in astonishing architecture, acoustic, and atmosphere of St Michaels Cornhill. This is moving towards a project, bringing together the music of Nicola Matteis  in a space which seems right, and the exploration of the ca 1560-70 Amati which I am playing.

Workshop recordings-Peter Sheppard Skaerved-St Michael’s Cornhill 2nd May 2013 (Andrea Amati ca. 1560-70, Antonino Airenti ‘Biber model bow’ 2011)

Nicola Matteis-G Major PreludeNicola Matteis-D minor FantasiaNicola Matteis-Alemanda ad imitatione d’un tartaglia (the stammerer-Commedia dell’Arte character)Il Russignolo(the Nightingale)

Sunday April 28th-Andrea Amati meet’s Johannes Jacob Walther’s Hortus Chelicus

Workshop recording, on the ca.1560-70 Andrea Amati. Extact from Johannes Jacob Walther-Serenata a un Coro di Violini, Organo Tremolante, Chitarrino, Piva, Due Trombe e Timpani, Lira Tedesca et Harpa smorsat-Per Un Violino Solo


NEW! I am pleased to announce a drive to raise funds to record Hans Werber Henze’s wonderful Il Vitalino Radoppiato LINK

Henze in a rehearsal break-flowers from the musicians. Germany 1989


A new project begans to take shape. Andrea Amati with putti at St Michael’c Cornhill. 25-4-13

Made for each other. My beautiful (‘Biber’)bow by Antonino Airenti meets the ca. 1570 Andrea Amati. The beginning of a new project which will have one outcome in December, in the Enlightenment Gallery at the British Museum. Wapping 23 03 2013

This just arrived-the best picture of performing Nigel Clarke’s ‘Pernambuco’ taken on Friday night at Logen Theatre Bergen, by Anders Helgerud.

Rehearsing Nigel Clarke, David Gorton, Haflidi Hallgrimsson & Ole Bull at Bergen’s Logen Theatre for tonight’s ‘Vibber’ 19th April

17th April 2013. The end of two days researching at Lysøen-Ole Bull’s house. An early evening concert for a hardy audience that had crossed the fjord from Solstrand. Played Bull, Paganini, Doppler, Tartini, Joachim, and Sadie Harrison

Getting ready for Reicha-complete Quartets, disc two and three LINK

An inspiring afternoon with Kreutzer-Gang-getting ready to record discs 2 and 3 of our Reicha Quartet cycle. With Neil Heyde, Morgan Goff, and Mihailo Trandafilovski, pictured today enraptured by the astonishing back of the ‘Prince Regent’ Strad, which he will play on the recording (Photo by Morgan!) (15th April 2013-London)

Two Weeks, Two Soundboxes, early Faure, late Faure

SOUNDBOX (Admission Free)

1230 April 23rd Royal Academy of Music Museum.

Peter Sheppard and Roy Howat discuss and play Faure’s astonishing 1st Violin Sonata.

Rehearsing with Roy Howat and Neil Heyde (March 2013)

1230 April 30th Royal Academy of Music Museum.

Peter Sheppard and Roy Howat discuss and play Faure’s astonishing 2nd Violin Sonata.

In the rehearsal room. Peter and Roy hard at work on the 14th April 2013, on the 1st Sonata:

2nd Movement: on Dolce, on voicing:

Berceuse: on Ysaye and Rubato

Roy Howat rehearsing with Neil Heyde at Wiltons


27th March 2013 ‘A Year With Paganini’ Article in the ‘Strings Magazine’

It’s just out today, and if you are not in the US, you can read it online hear. Then go and buy it!!!

LINK to Article

‘Strings Magazine”s slight coloration of Richard Bram’s photo: I am sitting, of course, with Paganini’s ‘Red Book’!

Beethoven Sonata cycle-OP 12. Suddenly-we are on the way. I got creative with the scanner, a little statuette of Beethoven and a velvet cushion; then the wonderful Stephen Sutton at Divine Art Metier put in his magic, and the next Beethoven disc with Aaron Shorr is suddenly getting real. For imminent release!

20 03 2013 Recording Mateis, Purcell, Ziani, Torelli-enraptured by Stradivari combined with Antonino Airenti bow

Recording-20-3 2013 (Outtakes) Aldbury Parish Church (Engineer-Jonathan Haskell)

Henry Purcell- G minor Prelude

Nicola Cosimi-A major Prelude

Peter Sheppard Skaerved-Violin (Antonio Stradivari 1698 ‘Joachim’, Bow-Antonino Airenti (Biber Model)

Enroute to Manchester to give a lecture/recital (rabbit on) on Beethoven at RNCM this afternoon. Here is the Op 17 Sonata-and my work desk on this train (coming into Crewe). Beethoven would have loved trains!17 03 2013

16 03 2013 Recording Mihailo Trandafilovski’s wonderful ‘Ceteri’ with the Kreutzer Quartet and the New London Camber Choir. All Saints, Tooting.

With three great colleague/composers/ L to R, Tim Watts, Jeremy Thurlow, Paul Osterfield, at St John’s College Cambridge. 15 03 2013

13 03 2013 A wonderful workshop at Forest School-thanks to Paul West-Osterfield, Susan Sheppard and the inspiring students there! The ‘Caprice Project’ has lift off…

It’s here! Elliott Schwartz’s new disc ‘Tapestry’. Many thanks to the extraordinary players on this disc-Nicole Johnson, Aaron Shorr, Steven Crichlow, Midori Komachi, Annabelle Berthome Reynolds, Mihailo Trandafilovski, Preetha Narayanan, Alice Barron, Aisha Orazbayeva, Morgan Goff, Diana Mathews, Neil Heyde, Val Welbanks, Rachel Meerloo, to our marvellous engineer, Jonathan Haskell, to Stephen Sutton at Divine Art/Metier, and Deedee Schwartz for the beautiful artwork! 13 03 2013



A truly joyful day. With composers Sadie Harrison and Paul Osterfield. Piano Gallery RAM 12 March 2013

Today, a wonderful Soundbox with dear friends, talking about composition, collaboration and inspiration. Such a joy to have Sadie Harrison (LINK), and Paul Osterfield together in conversation (LINK)

A triumph for Mihailo Trandafilovski-a composer of genius. After the premiere of ‘Ceteri’; Kreutzer Quartet with NLCC and Clement Power


Back on our favourite stage. The Kreutzers at Wiltons. With NLCC and Clement Power. 10th March 2013


The Kreutzers in our spirtual home-on stage at Wilton’s Music Hall, 10 03 2013