Judith Bingham-‘Leonardo’s Mirror’

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Judith Bingham-‘Leonardo’s Mirror’

The piece on my working desk, with help from Da Vinci

(Sunday November 11th 11am 2012, Wapping)

Nine days ago, Judith Bingham sent me a lovely new piece, ‘Leonardo’s Mirror’. This arrived just as I was in the midst of preparing to record the Bach B minor Partita  and proved a wonderful source of inspiration for that recording.

The composer wrote:

I just finished my second bassoon concerto about the last days of Leonardo da Vinci. While I was doing it, I got the idea to try writing a mirror piece <<…>>/using a melody that is a musical encoding of the name Leonardo. As you know, Leonardo, a left hander, wrote from back to front, which is much easier than it sounds, I tried it. Anyway, I wrote this little piece for solo violin – if you print out the two pages, the second page is a mirror image of the first, although I changed dynamics from sheer cussedness I suppose. (Email to PSS 31-10-2012)

It’s a beautiful November morning, and the colours in the park are astonishing. So it was a joy to sit and play today. Here it is, just a workship recording, on classical violin and bow, a Richard Duke violin (C. 1780) and a Cramer-model Italian bow from 1795.

Judith Bingham-‘Leonardo’s Mirror’  (October 2012) Peter Sheppard Skaerved- Workship recording, Wapping November 11th 2012

Cramer model bow, and the score for Judith Bingham’s ‘Leonardo’s Mirror’


Judith is not the first composer to write me a solo piece about Leonardo. Follow the Link to hear Dmitri Smirnov’s wonderful piece. AMORE