Ole Bull-Capriccio (a fragment in New York City)

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Bull, Ole, 1810-1880-“Capriccio a Violino solo.” At the end: “Berlin d. 17[?] Februar 18[3]9 Ole B. Bull.”

Peter Sheppard Skaerved-Violin (Workshop Recording. London September 24th 2o12)

Ganz, Leopold, 1806-1869. Album of autographs, 1837-1864. (Pierpont Morgan Library New York City/Fulton Deposit)

I found this fragment in July 2006 in the astounding album kept by the oboist Leopold Ganz. At the time,  my interest in Ole Bull was just beginning, so I forgot that I had copied it out, alongside entries from Clara Schumann, Ede Remenyi, Ernst, and Nicolas Mori. But now it has surfaced from the chaos of that day’s note taking.

The chaos of my notebook page (July 2006 NYC) where this tiny scrap of material surfaced.