Judith Bingham & Paganini’s ‘Red Book’ at Wilton’s

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Judith Bingham & Paganini’s ‘Red Book’ at Wilton’s – SoundBox¬†

Inspired by Paganini, Judith Bingham, Locatelli, and a sold-out audience, full of questions and enthusiasm. Photo Marius Skaerved


More on the ‘Red Book’ LINK

Packing into the upstairs room at Wiltons for Paganini and Bingham 14th August. Photo-Marius Skaerved

14th August 2012

Peter Sheppard Skaerved-Violin/Speaker

Judith Bingham- Composer

In conversation on stage with the wonderful Judith Bingham at Wilton’s Music Hall 14th August 2012

Paganini (a Parisian souvenir bust from the 1830s) and a page of the ‘red book’ sneak onto the Wilton’s mantlepiece. They look good there