The young Mendelssohn at work (changing his mind)

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Mendelssohn at work…

There are two manuscripts for the Mendelssohn D minor Violin Concerto, which I am playing at Wilton’s Music Hall on the 6th June. The 13 year old composer seems to have been in several minds about the siting and scale of cadenzas.

The 12 year old Felix. Oil sketch by Carl Bergas

Here are some notes from the practice-bench ( I don’t work at a music stand). Each time, I will offer the final version-followed by Mendelssohn’s earlier ideas.

Peter Sheppard Skaerved-Violin 2nd June 2012  (workshop recordings)

2nd Movement-first entry of solo violin

First Version Final Version

3rd Movement Cadenza at bar 120

Generally Played versionExtended possibility

3rd Movement deleted Cadenza at bar 202