Music for the Sculpture Courts-reporting back

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Pictures and Recordings from the concert and rehearsal 14th September 2012

For God’s sake, let us sit upon the ground/And tell sad stories of the death of kings…Playing Biber for the Fontrevault Kings. Cast Courts, Victoria and Albert Museum, 14th September 2012


Live Recordings from the concert (Courtesy V & A)

Biber-Mystery Sonata XVI (Guardian Angel, Companion of Mankind)-plus a little Ruskin

Nigel Clarke-Loulan (Voices in the Sand)

J S Bach-Largo (C Major Solo Sonata)[]
Carly Lake-Horn talks about the experience of the space

A conversation between Jolivet, Messiaen, the Hildesheim Doors, and the west end of S. Iago de Compostella

David Gorton talks about ‘Hlowung’

Just beginning

Nigel Clarke talks about ‘Loulan’



Inspiring Design: The Cast Courts & Music

Friday 14 September, 1930

Cast Courts, Room 46a

Peter Sheppar Skaerved in action

Using the extraordinary backdrop of the V&A’s cast courts as inspiration, internationally acclaimed violinist Peter Sheppard Skaerved and virtuoso horn player Carly Lake will deliver a special performance to mark the start of the London Design Festival. Exploiting the atmosphere and themes of the courts, this performance will include works by Bach, Biber, David Gorton and Michael Alec Rose. Peter has collaborated with the V & A twice before, giving lecture/performances linked to the ‘Baroque’ and ‘Cult of Beauty’ Exhibits. However, this event will mark the initiation of a major new programme of creation, research and performance, linked to the restoration of the Cast Courts, and collaboration with the Royal Academy of Music, where he was recently named Viotti Lecturer in Performance Studies. This event will be part of the V & A’s London Design Week programme.

David Gorton and Carly Lake listen to Michael Rose (Photo Marius Skaerved)


An utterly inspiring venue. Cast Court (Room 46a) at the the V & A

This first event will include new and old works for solo violin and solo horn, exploiting the extraordinary atmosphere and themes of the Cast Courts. Works by Bach, Biber, Messiaen, David Gorton, Michael Alec Rose. Guest artist, virtuoso young horn player, Carly Lake began collaborating with Peter this year, and is gaining a reputation for her virtuoso playing and exploratory approach to the horn in extraordinary venues  ‘Urban Canyons’. 

Developments and conversations: 25th June – sitting with Lucy Trench the V & A’s Intepretation Editor, and  a writer that I very much admire. Ideas flitting around the conversation-the North-South European cultural dispute, Viking patterning to Ottoman meanders, cast lines on statues, Mary Shelley. Questions of scale, both of size and acoustic…Napoleon gazing on Trajan’s Column…a procession, a chaconne, around the graves of medieval monarchs…a crucifix, wrapped in foam and tape for transport, quite literally Christo redux….the wonder of Copenhagen’s Kongelige Afstøbningssamlingen, where I have sat drawing with my family, and from where we brought, a decade ago, a newly cast ‘Foot of Hermes’…


On the side of the cast of Trajan’s column

Michael Alec Rose-AirBiber-The Guardian Angel, companiaon of MankindDavid Gorton-Sutton Hoo (Carly Lake-Horn)Bach-D minor Sarabande

Carly Lake and Peter Sheppard Skaerved with composer Michael Alec Rose in Nashville. February 2012