Isang Yun-Kontraste

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Isang Yun-Kontraste (1987)
Peter Sheppard Skaerved-Violin
(Stradivari 1734 ‘Habeneck’)
Live performance-London 1999


Isang Yun has been important to me for many years. There are three wonderful works for solo, including this one, a radiant Sonatina for two violins, which can be heard on this site, the trio with flute and oboe, the quartet with cello, and two wind instruments-all of these are works which I have played regularly, are truly mind-expanding experiences.

Kontraste  is fascinating, pushing the player to the place where all control really has to be abandoned and, unless play is abandoned, a terrifying shamanic voice, a ‘great barbaric yawp’ begins to emerge.

Composer-Isang yun