Hafliði Hallgrímsson-7 Epigrams

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My collaboration with the great Icelandic composer Hafliði Hallgrímsson is one of the joys of my artistic life. Here, a set of extraordinary duos; Six Russion writers and a composer.

With the great hafliði hallgrímsson, who has been a profound influence on my work for 20 years.

Hafliði Hallgrímsson – 7 Epigrams

Peter Sheppard Skaerved _violin

Neil Heyde -Cellos

1. A languorous window stands white (Homage to Pasternak)

2. Behind me stands an empty cage (Homage to O. Mandelstam)

3.The Captive Spirit (Homage to Tsvetayeva)

4. Responsorium (Homage to N. Mandelstam)

5. Night Train (Homage to Shostakovich)

6. Mystical Navigation (Homage to Akhmatova)

7. Flight (The Distant Shadow)