Elliott Schwartz-Memorial in Two Parts

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Elliott Schwartz-Memorial in Two Parts

(Live Performance Library of Congress 2006)

Peter Sheppard Skaerved-Violin (del Gesu ‘Kreisler’) Aaron Shorr-Piano


I have been lucky enough to work closely with the great composer Elliott Schwartz for many years.

I have recorded his Bellagio Variations, premiered his violin concerto, conducted his ‘Water Music’, toured his music worldwide, and worked on projects of his on subjects ranging from Darwin to Jefferson. He has been one of the most important living influences on the way that I hear, and the way I play. His is an all-encompassing musical and imaginative world, and he showed me that the way to be happy as a musician is to embrace all music, all creativity, with appetite and joy. He is the living proof of this, living and composing with profundity and elan.

PSS with Elliott Schwartz at the world premiere of his Violin Concerto. Bowdoin College 2008.