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A fascinating few days of recording. 

This was the first time that we have worked in the wonderful atmosphere of St Mary’s Aldbury. This was absolutely the right place to record the range of solo works which were on the desk for the week-Biber, Vitali, Tartini, Laurie Bamon, Lars Bagger and Yigit Kolat. What a wonderful privilege for my collaborating engineer, Jonathn Haskell, and I, to work  here. This is  a living building, whose fabric breathes music.

Biber in Aldbury. Photo: J Haskell

I will gradually add more outtakes and information about the works and projects involved, but  for now, here is an outtake:

Giovanni Battista Vitali  Ruggiero

This is from the wonderful set of   Partite sopra diverse Sonate by the Bolognese  Giovanni Battista Vitali (1632-1692). I first discovered these works in the course of my St Paul’s Cathedral residency in 2007; since then, they have become as important to me as the Telemann Fantasies.      

As part of the work that we were doing for the Young Foundation’s Maslaha Project, I took Tartini’s Tasso, a work most obviously influenced by Ottoman musics that he would have heard in the Balkans, and ‘melted’ it, allowing more and more ornamentation to creep in on successive readings. Here is the result: Track04

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Recording Engineer: Jonathan Haskell (Astounding Sounds)

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