Composers at Bath Spa University

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Composers at Bath Spa University 

(Extract from Adam Coombs 'Wilder Street')

On Thursday Apail 22nd, the Kreutzers spent an inspiring day working with composers at Bath Spa University. 

Led by James Saunders, a very distinguished composer himself, we worked with: 

Frances Key, James Douglas, Eugene Mbanacele, Joseph Buckler, Lawrence Reed, Katrina Wyndow, Adam Myatt, Rebecca Field, Jube Walker, Geoff Bacon, Adam  Coombs and Bo Cui. 

It would be difficult to imagine a more varied group of voices, and the ensuing workshop-concert was a tremendous challenge, as these works wove their way into a dramatic narrative. We wove works written for us by Richard Beaudoin, David Matthews and Mihailo Trandafilovski ino the programme. 

Gradually, extracts from the concert will appear here, but as a taster, Adam Coombs’ riotous Wilder Street 

Joseph Buckler experimented with some fascinating notions of freedom, giving players limited degrees of dynamic and timbral decision making in his Back to Reality 

Frances Key wrote that she was exploring “the relationship between stillness and notion” in Men of Armour, cast off  your fear…. 

Katrina Wyndow: “The piece is mainly set around two ideas (states): tremolo and pizzicato. State of Play 

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