Neil Heyde

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 Neil Heyde is one of the most innovative musicians active today. His work extends from ground breaking research and performance in the work of Debussy, to the most astonishing performances of complex works for cello and electronics by Brian Ferneyhough and Jonathan Harvey. He is, of course, cellist of the Kreutzer Quartet.

Neil Heyde at work in the Gallery 2005. Photo: Richard Bram

Vidmantas Bartulis(born April 3, 1954, Kaunas, Lithuania)

I’m Seeing my Friend Off (1981)

Im seeing 

Neil Heyde-Cello  

Tamami Homna-Piano 

Live performance. London 2ooo 

Neil Heyde at work with Micah Claffey. London 2006. Photo: Ben Skinner

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