David Gorton -New Release!

Posted on February 4th, 2010 by

Metier: MSVCD92104

David Gorton-Trajectories

Kreutzer Quartet

Roderick Chadwick-Piano


(Photo by Richard Bram)

We are delighted to anounce the release of David Gorton’s new disc on METIER. This disc is the result of a groundswell of team work. It takes its title from the the work commissioned through the enlightened approach of Tate St Ives, where it was workshopped and premiered.

Workshopping 'Trajectories' at Tate St Ives-Simon Shaw-Miller in the background-leading the workshop. Photo; Richard Bram

 The recording sessions for this work took place in a secluded church in Hertfordshire, ideally suited for the spatial and timbral demands of David’s music.

Along with this piece, two of the Caprices   inspired by Paganini’s violin and the Rosetta Stone in the British Museum. Thanks are due to Anna Rita Certo in Genoa and Andrew Burnett at the British Museum for making this project possible.

There are now more Caprices emerging, indeed, the newest can be heard on 28th February at Wilton’s Music Hall. These are dedicated to the art historian and communicator, Simon Shaw-Miller, who has been a torch bearer in the collaborative work that led to Trajectories.

Simon Shaw-Miller. Visionary and communicator. Photo: Richard Bram

Along with this, radiant performances from Neil Heyde and Roderick Chadwick-and an exciting opportunity to hear live and studio performances of Gorton’s Sonata each revealing new vistas of colour in Neil’s hands.

Neil Heyde with a sculpture by David Nash. Tate St Ives 2004. Photo: Richard Bram

To hear and see Peter playing David’s wonderful ‘Rosetta’ Caprice. Follow the link:


Gorton Caprice No 4

Live Recording (Courtesy of Colin Still, Opticnerve). 2009