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Working with bassists at the Carl Nielsen Conservatory, Odense. Photo Richard Bram

SOUNDBOX in the Strings Gallery. Royal Academy of Music. 2009. Photo Kathryn Moreadith

4 -5 times a term I present SOUNDBOX, in the Museum of the Royal Academy of Music, London. These events take place in the inspiring settings of the String or Piano Galleries. surrounded by the living instruments of the Royal Academy’s collections and temporary exhibits.

SOUNDBOX is open to the public, and admission is free.

For further information on the Royal Academy of Music events, go to:

Each session aims to explore the links between players/makers /composers, stretching those definitions as broadly as possible. Consequently, guests have included internationally renowned soloists and composers, through to product designers and anthropologists.

Audio extracts from sessions:

Ian Wilson-Composer

Kreutzer Quartet discussing Joseph Joachim 

Below, a selection of the guests that have contributed to these sessions in the last three years.

Simon McVeigh                       Musicologist

Charles Beare                          Luthier

Howard Davies                       Violinist

Bruce Carlsson                        Luthier (Italy)

Stephen Bristow                      Bowmaker

Nipa Doshi                              Product Designer

Mihailo Trandafilovski                        Composer/Violinist (Macedonia)

Judith Bingham                        Composer

Anna Rita Certo                      City of Genova

Alberto Giordano                    Luthier (Italy)

Antonis Hatzonikalaou                       Guitarist

Christine Sohn                         Violinist (USA)

Henrietta Rantaahla                Pedagogue (Finland)

Aaron Shorr                             Head of Piano RSAMD

Michael Alec Rose                   Composer/Blair School of Music Nashville TN

Michael Slayton                       Composer (USA)

Elliott Schwartz                      Composer (USA)

Thomas Simaku                       Composer (Albania)

Judith Weir                              Composer

Michael Finnissy                      Composer

Jan Philip Schulze                    Pianist (Head of Lieder Hanover Hochschule)

Peter Dickinson                       Composer

Neil Heyde                              Cellist

Roger Heaton                          Clarinettist

Roderick Chadwick                 Pianist

Joseph Horovitz                      Composer

Ian Wilson                               Composer (Ireland)

Janne Thomsen                        Flutist (Salzburg Mozarteum)

Maxence Larrieu                      Flutist

Paul Gambaccini                     Disc Jockey

Andrew McGee                       Historian

Francesca Hanley                    Ethnic Flutes

Paul Pellay                               Composer (Italy)

John Wall                                 Sound Artist

Roger Steptoe                          Composer (France)

Ensemble Bahktar                   Traditional Afghan Instruments

Chris Davies                            Head of Music Royal Marines

Simon Shaw Miller                  Historian

Sadie Harrison                         Composer

Dmitri Smirnov                       Composer

David Rattray                          Luthier

Elena Firsova                          Composer

David Strange                          Cellist

Genevieve Bell                                    Anthropologist-INTEL Oregon (Australia)

Chris Lyndon Gee                   Conductor (USA)

Howard Skempton                  Composer

Chris Redgate                          Oboist

David Matthews                      Composer

Roger Redgate                         Composer/Violinist

Gloria Coates                          Composer/Painter (Germany)

Richard Bram                          Photographer (USA)

David Wilde                            Composer

Giusseppe Gaccetta                Pedagogue (Italy)

Nigel Clarke                            Composer

Stephen Montague                   Composer

Mark Rowan Hull                    Artist

Jim Aitchison                           Composer

Susan Lamb                             Head of Education Tate St Ives

Frances Mayhew                      Director Wiltons Music Hall

Elena Vorotko                         Pianist

Nuria Nono                             Wife of Luigi Nono (Italy)

Chi Chi Nwanoku                    Bassist

Julian Perkins                          Harpsichordist

Paul Silverthorne                     Violist

Morgan Goff                            Violist (Australia)

Haflidi Hallgrimsson               Composer/Artist (Iceland)

Liz Kenny                                Lutenist

Fabrice Fitch                           Composer

Fretwork                                  Viol Ensemble

Jakob Heringham                     Viola da Gamba

Paul Archbold                         Composer

Kenneth Hesketh                    Composer

Lars Bagger                              Composer (Denmark)

S?d?ka Özdil                            Composer (Turkey)

Douglas Young                        Composer