Dmitri Smirnov

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Dmitri Smirnov-Amore Sola 2006
Live Performance in the Enlightenment Gallery 2010

Dmitri Smirnov-Partita 1985
Peter Sheppard-Maurin Stradivarius 1714 (recorded 1995)

Playing Dmitri Smirnov’s ‘Amore Sola’ in the Enlightenment gallery-the composer keeping a very close eye! Photo: Richard Bram

Peter has collaborated with Dmitri Smirnov since 1994. This has resulted in a number of premieres and recordings. Initially, the work forcused on Smirnov’s earlier works-Partita and Two Fugues. Since then Smirnov has written Peter a number of works. The most recent of this,  Amore Sola, was premiered in 2006 as part of Peter’s residency in the Enlightenment Gallery of the British Musem. In May 2009, Peter premiered another early work, Smirnov’s Sarabande at Wilton’s Music Hall. This work is written for violin and harpsichord, and in this concert, Peter was joined by the brilliant Julian Perkins, showcasing Smirnov’s music alongside the work of Tartini and Pugnani. This premiere was given on baroque instruments.