Paganini’s ‘Red Book’ – A Personal View

December 21, 2018

Paganini’s ‘Red Book’ – A Personal View Peter Sheppard Skærved (English version of my chapter published by Silvana Editoriale (Milano)  for the Genova exhibition ‘Paganini Rockstar’ which is showing around the Cannone Violin.) Niccolò Paganini has been at the heart of my relationship with my violin since I was in my early teens.  I have never […]

David Matthews – 13th Quartet First Listen

November 28, 2018

David Matthews – 13th Quartet FIRST LISTEN Kreutzer Quartet – Peter Sheppard Skaerved, Clifton Harrison, Neil Heyde, Mihailo Trandafilovski, with: Rebecca Lea, Jessica Dandy, James Robinson, William Dawes Musical supervision – David Matthews & William Cole Engineer – Jonathan Haskell /Astounding Sounds Outtakes UNEDITED from Recording Session 27th November 2018 St Michaels Highgate Green – In tranquillo attesa […]

Nicola Matteis & Antonio Montanari – D minor Prelude, Allemanda & Giga LIVE

November 25, 2018

Nicola Matteis (1650–1714)               D minor Preludio (D la sol re) & Allemanda Antonio Montanari (1676-1737)         D minor Giga Live at Preludes & Vollenteries 16 St Stephen Walbrook  23rd November 2018   Peter Sheppard Skærved – Violin Girolamo Amati 1628 I would have loved to have met Matteis-every note of his music is filled with […]

Thomas Baltzar – G minor Suite FIRST LISTEN

November 24, 2018

Thomas Baltzar (1630–1662)     G minor Allemande & Variation, Courante, Sarabande Preludes & Vollenteries 16 St Stephen Walbrook  23rd November 2018 Peter Sheppard Skærved – Violin

David Gorton – Concerto – first listen!

November 24, 2018

David Gorton- Concerto per flauto a becco e violin su temi Torelli (2018)    Largo/Presto/Largo – Adagio – Allegro/Adagio                           (World Premiere)LOFI ZOOM RECORDING Peter Sheppard Skærved – Violin Olwen Foulkes – Recorder Longbow Preetha Narayanan, Midori Komachi, Salome Rateau, Tanya Sweiry-Solomons – Violins […]

Michael Hersch – Zwischen Leben und Tod

November 10, 2018

Michael Hersch – Zwischen Leben und Tod Peter Sheppard Skaerved – Violin Roderick Chadwick – Piano St John’s Smith Square London Live performance – 15th  November 2018 Recordings by Jonathan Haskell/Astounding Sounds 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. Concert […]

Schubert – Three 1816 Sonatas

October 13, 2018

Peter Shepppard Skaerved – Violin (Leopold Widhalm) Bow – Tourte Julian Perkins – Square Piano (Clementi) Violin Sonata in D major, D.384       Violin Sonata in A minor, D.385       Violin Sonata in G minor, D.408      

A week in New England

September 25, 2018

25-26th September 2018 Such a busy and inspiring two days at Ithaca College. This was the next stage in my project with Evis Sammoutis, working on the the ‘Nicosia Etudes & Concertos’. Here’s a link to the project, on the INTERFACES website LINK   A vital part of that work involves experimentation with new techniques […]

Priaulx Rainier – Reminiscence (Rehearsal Film)

August 15, 2018

98 Solo movements from the Klagenfurt Manuscript

August 2, 2018

?? Two days ago, I finished recording the 98 solo movements of the ‘Klagenfurt Handskrift’ (ca. 1680-90) on the 1685 Stradivari from the Royal Northern College of Music College. As the only person who has performed every one of these movements, and after the work that began a year ago when you first sent me […]