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Nicola Matteis, by Godfrey Kneller

Nicola Matteis was the virtuso violinist of the age. John Evelyn wrote: ‘ I heard that stupendious violin Signor Nicholao (with other rare Musitians) who certainly never nortal man Exceeded on that instrument; he had a stroak so sweet, & made it speake like the voice of a man; & and when he pleased, like a Consort of several Instruments: he did wonders upon a Note: was an excellent Composer also … nothing approached the VIOLIN in Nicholas hand: he seemed to be spiriato’d and plaied such ravishing things on a ground as astonish’d us all.’ Diary of John Evelyn, 19th December 1674 Today (11th december 2016), I spent a happy hour with his music, at the desk, my pencil at hand, on gut strings, on an anonymous late (17th Century northern Italian violin, and a wonderful bow by Antonino Airenti of Genoa. Enjoy. Nicola Matteis (1650-1714) (At the desk recording. 11 12 16 Wapping Praeludium in ostinatione Praeludio in D la sol re Sarabanda (G Major) Pavana Armnoniosa  

11 12 16 Wapping

Nicola Matteis – D minor Allemande Peter Sheppard Skaerved – Workshop/practice desk recording Wapping 30 5 2019

This morning’s practice desk. Matteis, one of the Airenti bows, microphone, pens, pencils, timers, white-out