For Michael Alec Rose – some rocks and paths

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Walk Cheshunt-Limehouse. Here, the sand road across Walthamstow Marshes. October 19th 2012


Spa Road/Neckinger Estate . 23 1 17

A walk home from Temple: conversation with Marius Skaerved, lunchtime throng and plane trees in the city 24 7 18

John Wilmot and Thomas Baltzar break fast on the Broadway, sober, for once. 24 8 17 NYC

Strata. Bishopstone Cliff April 2016

Mystery Road. North Downs way west of Guildford, July 2014. Microclimates and geology

Christiana walks in her memory garden: For Malene Skaerved 5 5 18

Road to Odessa

Chalk, Yew, Flint. Back on the Road 7 9 15

Road to Shtime

Walking west from Guildford.Two readings of Ancient Yew trees in the graveyard of St Mary’s, Bentley, Hants

Working on Michael Alec Rose-Pastoral Concerto 2008-by PSS

Walking the Roman Wall with Marius. Beginning-tesserae in St Hallows by the Tower Crypt 8 4 14

First walk in the Vidden (Bergen) 27th September 2013

The Black Cliff. Hayle Sands. 1 1 14

… and you stumble across something like this, just when you think that the walking is just the mist, the mud and the pain ‘Gowde Water’ (Winchmore Hill, BUCKS) 25-9- 13

Flint on the path. Flint on granite on the beach at Rostok. August 2014

Documenting the walk. One of the crossections I have made-this one showing a segment walked from Mersham to Guildford (East to West). It records a deliberately non hierarchical range of things, from 1890s fortifications to wildlife.

Flint on the Chalk Road 25 3 16

Flint out of the river. 21 4 18

Shouldered mountain

Canary Wharf reflections, from rom Ratcliffe Cross Stairs 29 7 18

Banded Flint. 15 12 18

Epping-Sheppard’s Meadow-Amesbury Banks (pictured)-The Four Wantz-Warren Hill-Qvist’s Oak-Loughton Camp-Mount Pleasant-Queen Elisabeth’s Hunting Lodge-and the best Fly Agaric we’ve ever seen, plus Sloe bushes bent over with fruit and wonderful Crab Apples on Chingford plain. 5/10/13

Red Earth-out of Devon. 3 12 13 The final stage of this stage, on the train back to London with Michael Alec Rose, hard at work on ‘Bearings’ at my table.

A morning of conversation and climbing 13 5 18

Crossing 0 Meridian, Chalk on the Path, Océan de terre. 16-17/12/15

Turned stones on my desk: Ironstone from Hartfordshire, Soapstone from Bergen, Granite from Lamorna, Fossils from Nashville, and a miraculous stone from Garo Keheyan’s Olive Grove in Cyprus

Freshwater Mussel from Sand Point (Frontenac) 19 8 18

The path beneath: a day practising Dale Roberts and Thurlow. 28 6 14

Mudstone veining. Pebble from the Black Cliff 5 1 14