Paganini’s collaborators, and more

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For ‘Paganini Explored’ for The Exhale 8 9 20

Paganini at the Albion Music Hall, Leeds. 1832 Lithograph by Henry Andrews Taylow
John Loder, half-length, holding a violin. Oil on canvas, 1839. British School.
Found in the collection of the Blair School of Music, Nashville TN, a poster from the Kings Theatre, from May 1833, which brings together so many of extraordinary figures around Paganini’s peformances at the sames theatre, directed by Edward Eliasson, listed as second leader of the band, after Cooke (RAM Professor), who had directed many of his other concerts in London.
François Antoine Habeneck – at the beginning of an illustrious career
Habeneck directs Paganini’s April 1832 charity concert in Paris
Franz Cramer, by Minasi
Isaac Collins-‘the English Paganini’
Ernesto Camillo Sivori
Landseer depicts Paganini astonishing a London audience in 1832
Niccolo Paganini’s debut in London, 9th June 18311. High on the G string, to the consternation of watching string players-Lindaly, Mori and Domenico Dragonetti….
Nicholas Mori
Ole Bull, in the 1860s (Carte-de-viste). Holding a Grand pattern Amati, which may be the ‘Pearl’
Edward Eliasson