Paganini Explored

Posted on August 28th, 2020 by

This post brings together some source materials which might be interesting for the series of talks I am giving for THE EXHALE in September 2020. LINK to book tickets.

Performing on Paganini’s del Gesu. Palazzo Rosso, Genova. 2007
Simple silhouette of Paganini, apparently made during his last visit to the UK in 1834. Even this crude rendering gives a powerful idea of his unique posture.
Paganini-Il Segreto (Courtesy Bruck-Wurlitzer)
My Film for the Library of Congress. Washington DC
Paganini’s bridge (there have been some suggestions, that this is a del Gesu bridge) (City of Genoa)
Johh Orlando Parry’s take on Paganini’s ‘one string trick (playing on the G-String)
Niccolo Paganini’s debut in London, 9th June 18311. High on the G string, to the consternation of watching string players-Lindaly, Mori and Domenico Dragonetti….