Nigel Clarke – a new concerto emerges

Posted on August 18th, 2020 by

Collaboration continues: on the overnight practice-desk, first draft of striking passages from Nigel Clarke’s emerging concerto.

Finding my way ‘in’, violin in hand (that’s why you can’t see it). 3 am 18 8 2020 Wapping

It’s always important for me, to set the technical systems and rules for my approach to a new work as early as I can – not to interfere with the white heat of composers’ work, but so, I can glimpse their inner process through the process of physical analysis of motifs, structure, colour etc. It’s always life-enhancing ( particularly as I know that the 10 pages I worked on in detail last night will, necessarily, be ‘thrown away’ as the piece comes into sharp focus.Here’s a link to some of the fun that I have had with Nigel over the years!