Paul Archbold – Fermions – Baryons – Mesons – Photinos (from ‘Gauge Symmetries’ 2002-7)

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At the desk performance by Peter Sheppard Skaerved. The composer writes: ‘The discipline of particle physics is based on several theories derived from quantum mechanics, all of which exhibit several kinds of symmetries: these gauge theories predict that particles exist in different families distinguished by factors such as charge, spin and mass. These works for solo violin are based on very simple ideas and simple rules of behaviour, combined to produce textures of increasing complexity… ‘Fermions’ is a musical metaphor for the Pauli exclusion principle, where two identical particles cannot remain in the same state. ‘Baryons and Mesons’ are observed particles composed of two and three quarks simultaneously: here the harmonics cohere into quivering or unstable sonorities. ‘Photinos’ is a companion to ‘Bosons’ [not played here], where each melody progresses at a different tempo so that no pair of melodies can ever cohere’ The film is a close up of the strings of the violin, made 25 3 20.SHOW LESS