Locatelli & Gorton: Talk/performance’The Violinists’ Practice Desk’ III at ‘The Exhale’ 17 6 2020

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Hand positions for the Locatelli
Full talk as given 17 6 2020
‘Il laberinto armonico’ From the first edition of Locatelli Op 3 ( L’arte del violino ). Amsterdam: Michel-Charles Le Cène, n.d.[1733]
My playing copy of David Gorton – Caprice 1 (Rosetta Caprice) – bearing the marks of 14 years work
Part of the Locatelli ‘Labyrinth’, as it appeared in volume 2 of Ferdinand David’s Die hohe Schule des Violinspiels (Breitkopf & Härtel in May of 1867)
An early edition of Grove, opining over Locatelli
At the desk performance of the Labyrinth. 16 6 20
Joseph Joachim – Caprice 193 from Joachim/Moser Violin School (Violinschule) Publ. 1905
An early film we did around the premiere of David Gorton’s ‘Rosetta’ Caprice

Locatelli-Il Laberinto Armonico, facilius adius, difficilis exius
Peter Sheppard Skaerved-Violin (LO-FI mobile phone recording, 10-3-16
) Tate Britain – see below

Playing the Locatelli 'Laberinto...' to Frank Auerbach's'Summer Morning' (1991) Tate Brita n10 3 16

Playing the Locatelli ‘Laberinto…’ to Frank Auerbach’s’Summer Morning’ (1991) Tate Britan10 3 16