Mozart /Tim Jones – Fragment completions

Posted on January 12th, 2020 by

This month (January 2020) the Kreutzer Quartet begins work on a project exploring some of the Mozart Quintet fragments in various completions by our friend and colleague, Tim Jones. We will be joined on this project by the exciting young American violist Erik Fauss.

The first rehearsal will be this week, so, at the moment, the fascination is in reading, preparing and practising these scores. Jones has worked with two fragments (both from 1791), and come up with three possible continuations for one and two for the other. In the middle of next week, after our rehearsal period, we will gather in front of mics and cameras, to document our first shared explorations of this fascinating project.

Watch this space.

On the practice desk. Two of the three versions of an Allegro Moderato from 1791, together with the wonderful back of a Hill/Langonet violin 12 1 20