Walsh-‘Preludes & Volentarys’ 1700 on the Charles II Violin

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Recording Session 16 12 19 St John the Baptist Aldbury – UNEDITED! Outtakes

This disc is inspired by the music and the violins heard in London at the end of the 1600s. The first edition of John Walsh’s (1665 or 1666 – 13 March 1736) extraordinary collection, ‘Preludes & Voluntarys’, appeared in 1700. It is a cornucopia of the playing, the composition and the improvising of violinist and violin playing heard London, and across Europe, at that time, perhaps the most extensive survey of the ‘state of the violin’ to appear in at the turn of the new century.

The beautiful workmanship of the 1664 ‘Charles II’ Violin

What better violin to play the music published and heard in London at the end of the 1600s than the most significant surviving violin that we have from the period. It’s inlay and markings make it clear that it was an instrument heard in King Charles II’s ‘Private Music’ in 1664, so there is a high probability that one or more of the violinists below played this instrument. and an extreme probability that this collection was played on i when it was published.

With gut strings, and with the wonderful little bow by Antonino Airenti, this violin, combined with these pieces, offers an entrancing opportunity to hear this intimate music, as it might have sounded.

With thanks to Jane Ramsden, for inspiration.

Peter Sheppard Skaerved – Violin ‘Charles II’ Anon 1664

Corelli – D Major Prelude

Torelli – E minor Prelude

Cosimi – A Major Prelude

Biber – D Major Prelude

Bononcini – D Minor Prelude

Matteis – A Major Prelude

Gasperini – D Major Prelude

Haym – F Major Prelude

Keller – D Major Prelude

Dean – A Major Prelude

Albinoni – D Major Prelude

Corbett- A Major Prelude

Eccles – A Minor Prelude

Corelli – A Major Prelude

Cosimi – A Major Prelude

Vitali – D minor Prelude

Banister – B Flat Major Prelude

Pepusch – D minor Prelude

Lonati – D Minor Prelude

Purcell – G Minor Prelude

Simons – F Minor Prelude

King – A Major Prelude

Bassani – E Flat Major

Smith – A Major

Gorton – A Major

Ziani – F Minor Prelude

Finger – E Major

Hills – A Major Prelude

Pepusch – B flat Major

Torelli – C Minor

Haym – D minor

Albinoni – C Major Prelude

Gasperini – C Major

Matteis – C Minor Prelude