Charles II 1664 violin meeting Preludes published by Walshe 1700

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In two weeks time, I will record the set of ‘Preludes & Voluntarys’ (note the spelling) published by the young John Walshe in 1700. This extraordinary set of pieces for solo violin inspired my ‘Preludes & Vollenteries’ series, which has been running since 2017 LINK TO UPCOMING Concerts.

The violin that I will use to record them in two weeks is the astonishing 1664 ‘Charles II’ anonymous instrument, which was most likely used by one of the members of the King’s ’24 Violins’. With especial thanks to Jane Ramsden, for making this possible.

Each day for the next few weeks, I will post practice films of my exploration of these pieces on this violin. Here’s the first, a C minor prelude by Giuseppe Torelli (1658 – 1709)

Next, an A Major Prelude. by Nicola Cosimi who came to London to work fo the Duke of Bedford

Now, a close up of the back of the vioin, working hard, while I play a Gottfriend Finger Prelude.

Today’s second little close up, of a prelude on the ‘Charles II’ 1664 violin. And the phenomenal bow by Antonino Airenti. My favourite bow, ever. A lovely F minor piece by the slightly mysterious ‘Mr Simons’ . More here.

F hole and bridge. Tomasso Vitali Prelude 4 12 19

Ending the day with a second up-close-film of the Charles II violin. Nicola Mateis – C minor prelude. A particular favourite.
Watch here:

Thursday. A misty morning. So Henry Eccles – A minor Prelude in silhouette.

Here’s a bow-hand close up for an F minor prelude by Venetian-born Marc’Antonio Ziani, who died in Vienna

Back to Torelli-an exquisite prelude in E minor (one of my favourite movements for violin alone)

Now, a Francesco Gasparini – Prelude, with more than a hint of the trumpet-imitation-preludes of Vitali, Colombi, Walther

And on the dark of Election Night, a tiny miracle from Henry Purcell