Nicola Matteis & Antonio Montanari – D minor Prelude, Allemanda & Giga LIVE

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Nicola Matteis (1650–1714)               D minor Preludio (D la sol re) & Allemanda

Antonio Montanari (1676-1737)         D minor Giga

Live at

Preludes & Vollenteries 16

St Stephen Walbrook

 23rd November 2018


Peter Sheppard Skærved – Violin Girolamo Amati 1628

I would have loved to have met Matteis-every note of his music is filled with such compassion and brilliance. An odd juxtaposition, but with his writing for the violin, not a contradiction – on Friday, I set him in counterpoint with a favourite melancholy Giga by the slightly shadowy Antonio Montanari.

Nicola Matteis by Godfrey Kneller