David Gorton – Concerto – first listen!

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David Gorton- Concerto per flauto a becco e violin su temi Torelli (2018)    Largo/Presto/Largo – Adagio – Allegro/Adagio

David Gorton, Diana Mathews, Midori Komachi, Tanya Sweiry Solomons, Salome Rateau, Evie Littlefair,  Olwen Foulkes, in St Stephen Walbrook, 23 11 18

                          (World Premiere)LOFI ZOOM RECORDING

Peter Sheppard Skærved – Violin

Olwen Foulkes – Recorder


Preetha Narayanan, Midori Komachi, Salome Rateau, Tanya Sweiry-Solomons – Violins

Diana Mathews, Shulah Oliver – Violas   Evie Littlefair – Cello    Rachel Meerloo – Double Bass

Preludes & Vollenteries 16 – St Stephen Walbrook

 23rd November 2018


David Gorton’s Concerto per flauto a becco e violino su temi Torelli is composed using materials from the opus 6 Concerti musical, specifically materials from the Augsburg print of concertos 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10. Torelli’s opus 6 Concerti musicali is a set of twelve concertos, each lasting around five minutes. Published in 1698 by Johann Christoph Wagner in Augsburg, and then again later the same year by Estienne Roger in Amsterdam, the set is written in four parts for strings with a figured organo part, and contains the first printed indications within a concerto publication that particular passages should be played by a solo instrument; they are thus considered to be the earliest ‘concertos’ in the modern understanding of the word. To begin with the piece attempts to arrange these materials into the kind of concerto ritornello that was emerging throughout the decade following Torelli’s death. But this aim ultimately fails as the material resists and pulls in other directions.