In the studio: Klagenfurt Manuscript 25 1 18

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In the studio: Klagenfurt Manuscript 25 1 18

From where I stand. Recording 25 1 18

People often ask what goes on in recording. Here’s one answer – the first take from yesterday’s recording. It’s the very first movement of the enormous, anonymous, 1685 Klagenfurt Ms. You will hear that I play this ‘Preambulus’ 4 times. Each reading is slightly different, and there’s the noise of a plane air-braking on the third iteration. I like all the versions. You’s notice there’s a slightly split note in the second one!

Klagenfurt Manuscript (1685)
Peter Sheppard Skaerved – Stradivari 1685
Engineer-Jonathan Haskell

St Michaels Highgate 25 1 18

Unedited outtakes

Page 3 ‘Preambulus’ (scordatura AEAE)

Page20 Allemande (GDAE Tuning)

Page 21 Overture (Scordatura GDAD)

Page 22 Minuet (Scordatura GDAD)

Page 23 Sarabande (Scordatura GDAD)

Page 24 Giga (Scordatura GDAD)

Page 25 Prelude (Scordatura GDAD)

Page 26 Allemande (Scordatura GDAD)

No 28 (March) (Scordatura GDAD)

No 29 Sarabande (Scordatura GDAD)

No 30 Minuet (Scordatura GDAD)

No 43 Pfefferstoffl (Scordatura AEAD)

No 44 Minuet (Scordatura AEAD)

No 45 Prelude (Scordatura AEAD)

No 46 Giga (Scordatura AEAD)

No 52 Aria (Scordatura AEAD)

No 52b Corrente (Scordatura AEAD)

Page 4 {Allemande] (scordatura AEAE)

Page 5 (Minuet)(Scordatura)

Page 6 (Finale) (Scordatura AEAE)

Page 7 (Allemande) (Scordatura)

Page 8 (Minuet) (Scordatura AEAE)

Page 9 (Giga) (Scordatura AEAE)

Page 10 (Allemande) (Scordatura AEAE)

Page 11 (Passepied) (scordatura AEAE)

Page 12 (Sarabande) (scordatura AEAE)

Page 13 (Minuet) (scordatura AEAE)

Page 14 (Double 1) (scordatura AEAE)

Page 15 (Double 2)(scordatura AEAE)

Page 16 (Double 3) (Scordatura AEAE)

Page 17 (Toccata) (Scordtura AEAE)

Page 18 Sarabande (GDAE Tuning)

Page 19 Minuet (GDAE Tuning