A week in Munich. March 2017

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Overexcited, as ever. Rehearsing. Photo Jan Philip Schulze

Collaboration. This week has been another reminder of what a wonderful thing that is; I am constantly enchanted by the power of what we can do together, the magic in the air when artists communicate with each other, as friends, and then the most fantastic ingredient, an audience, arrives, and DEMANDS a deeper level of inter-communication. Thanks to all my friends in Munich for reminding me of this, and to that city, which has enriched my life for so many years.

Deutsche Theater

Residenz, Entry Hall 8 3 17

Rehearsal. Akademie Fur Schone Kunste

Detail, Dom-Kirche 8 3 17

The wonderfully retro Munich U-Bahn

Hanno Simons (Photo Jan Philip Schulze) 9 3 17

PSS in rehearsal

Gear for Sadikova Quartet

Backstage 9 3 17

Flutist Natalie Schwaabe in rehearsal

Stefan Blum in action

Composer Aziza Sadikowa


Asam Kirche 1733 -1746

Rehearsal break. All important coffee. With Hanno Simons, Johannes X Schachtner, Stefan Blum, Natalie Schwaabe

Kelvin Hawthorne and Hanno Simons dig into the Sadikova Quartet

Dom Kirche. exterior 7 3 17

Care for a instruments. Natalie Schwaabe’s hands 8 3 17

View from our workspace towards the Domkirche 7 3 17

Our home for the week. The astonishing ‘Residenz’ 7 3 17

Natalie Schwaabe, Bettina Faiss, Jan Philip Schulze

Jam Philip Schulze’s Hands 8 3 17

Marienplatz 8 3 17

Gloria Coates at Home in Munich. 9 3 17